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1: Done-for-You

Our ad management for only $799/month eliminates inefficient campaigns, saving you significant ad spend over time.

2: Do It Yourself

Self-manage with an AI-assisted dashboard at a minimal $100/month. A steal compared to the returns you stand to gain.

INCLUDED: 1-on-1 Setup

DFY or DIY, one-time setup fees ensure YOUR accounts are primed for success right from the start.

Regular & Retargeting for any of: Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Google Display, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn and Snapchat (+ Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram DM Ads)

Your Campaign Will Start with a 1-on-1 Setup

In Order for the Session to Go Fast & Smooth and to Provide the Biggest Value Within 1 Hour, PLEASE HAVE YOUR SHIT READY:
  • Have access to ad accounts you want to connect
  • If you'd like to bring your own creative, PLEASE have it ready! (Videos: MP4 preferred. Images: PNG and JPEG preferred.)
If you don't show up with these, it'll take longer & be harder. (If DIY -- you're still welcome to set up the campaign yourself.)
On the session you'll get:
  1. Template set up with you for both the main campaign and retargeting campaign ($1,350/month* value)
  2. Image and video creatives set up for you (or you bring your own)
  3. Recommendations on Ad Platform & Targeting based on your input

*This is NOT a made-up value. This is a REAL, hard cost that we've paid to an ad agency for this service. Video proof coming soon.

If any issues with the below order form, refresh the page. If you still face issues, contact me at:, 718-501-0788, or the chat widget (bottom right corner).

Why Trust Agency Intelligence?

Alexander Velitchko & Evander Holyfield
Alexander Velitchko with Evander Holyfield at CNN Center, August 2020
  • 13+ years experience in online marketing
  • Suffered through $1,300 to $3,000 a month in bad ad management -- so YOU don't have to
  • Invested $500,000+ into education and testing since 2015 to identify and correct easily-ignored digital marketing mistakes that could HURT your revenue
  • Active participant in SEO & PPC masterminds including the world's first & largest independent SEO testing organization, with hundreds of tests under their belt
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