Alternative Data Sources

Alternative Data Sources

Data is always used in the financial services industry to influence investment decisions and for good reason. Investors are more confident in data-backed decisions. Additionally, utilizing data helps mitigate risks. In the past, companies obtained data from traditional sources like credit scores, earnings reports, and press releases. But today, technology advances have made it possible to gather unstructured data from new sources to provide insights into their investment decisions, enabling more accurate investments.

At CloudQuant, we help clients harness the best alternative data sources to grow their funds and set them apart from other firms. Our alternative financial data sheds light on the performance and health of different companies so you can make sound investment decisions.

How Our Alternative Data Sources Give You the Best Edge for Your Investments

Our alternative data sources can save you time and give you an in-depth understanding of what's happening in the market. It's important to note that all alternative datasets are equal. Therefore, you need to find reliable alternative data that won't derail your decision-making. This is where we come in. We provide clean, valuable alternative data you require to build your analytics models. Here's a closer look what you can gain by leveraging our alternative data for your investments.

Events Tracking

Macroeconomic events like natural disasters, the ongoing pandemic, and terrorist attacks can negatively impact your niche and the stock market. Our alternative data can keep you updated on these market-moving changes so you can respond swiftly and protect your investments.

Test Investment Ideas

We've created scalable alternative data sources that continually and quickly simplify unstructured data into a readable format. With access to integrated and high-powered data sources, you can gather financial data insights that influence your investment strategies and decisions as well as generate alpha.

Unforeseen Insight

Our alternative data is able to give you a new a completely different outlook than you'd otherwise not get with traditional data sources. Consequently, you can predict upcoming market changes and even come up with a new investment strategy.

Competitive Advantage

Want to stand out from other investors? Leverage our alternative data. Harnessing our data will give you privy information to the best investment opportunities, allowing you to monetize your data.

Risk Management

The most effective way of accessing data feeds related to financial indicators of a company, politically exposed persons, sanctions, and adverse media is through our alternative data. With such information, you'll be better placed to manage, not to mention avoid risk.

Up-to-Date Company Performance

Until recently, you could only access a company's historical data. You had to wait until quarterly financial statements, and earnings reports were released. Unfortunately, this limited investors to reactive investment approaches. Today, using alternative data enables you to get the most recent insights into a company's performance, enabling proactive investment strategies.

Make Smarter Decisions with Our Alternative Data

At CloudQuant, our expertise combined with cutting-edge technology has given us second to none understanding of alternative data sources and how they can allow you to meet your goals. Insights from data obtained from us will help you make sound financial decisions, ensuring a healthier bottom line. Schedule a demo:


Alternative Data Sources

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