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Certificate Of Destruction Los Angeles

Certificate Of Destruction Los Angeles

What is a certificate of destruction in Los Angeles? Essentially, it proves a company has been officially recognized for its excellence in safely destroying and disposing of documents and other items.

Sledgehammer Product Destruction is one such company and is the premier source of certified product destruction in Los Angeles. Below, you'll find a list of the most popular items we are formally certified to destroy.

Medical Records

As your body changes, so do your medical records. Keeping outdated medical records can lead to clutter and make it a challenge to find more up to date information when it is required.


Staying on top of your taxes is stressful enough without your old receipts lying around. As the primary owner of a certificate of destruction in Los Angeles, Sledgehammer Product Destruction regularly receives receipts to be destroyed in bulk by our document shredding professionals.


Batteries can be tough to dispose of. That's why you should send your useless batteries to Sledgehammer Product Destruction. As the foremost provider of certified product destruction in Los Angeles, we can guarantee their safe disposal and recycling.


Much like batteries, expired lightbulbs can be a challenge to destroy independently. As well as being difficult to recycle, they possess a high mercury content, which can make destroying them without professional help extremely dangerous.

Proprietary Data

If you run a business, your proprietary data is essential to your success. Even when you no longer have use for specific pieces of exclusive data, you must protect it to ensure your competitors don't gain access to it. This means enlisting Sledgehammer Product Destruction to safeguard the confidential shredding of your exhausted proprietary data.

Bank Statements

Bank statements serve a valuable purpose but become outdated quickly. If you have old bank statements cluttering your home or office, our document shredding experts will be happy to take care of them for you.
Client Data

To grant your clients peace of mind they deserve, you must reassure them that their data will not be passed on to any third parties. On the contrary, it will be destroyed by the top provider of certified destruction services in Los Angeles, CA.


When cleaning out old living spaces, many people opt to donate their old toys to goodwill. Quite often, however, old toys are damaged to the point of uselessness. As such, they cannot be enjoyed by any child. If you have broken toys in your home, consider enlisting the services of Sledgehammer Product Destruction to ensure their safe disposal.


Disposing of electronics can be a challenge. This is particularly true in the case of phones and tablets, as they are rendered obsolete almost as quickly as they are released. Sledgehammer Product Destruction is one of the few paper shredding providers in Los Angeles that can also promise the safe destruction of smartphones, tablets, and other forms of electronics.


Unsigned or expired contracts can pose a serious issue for any company. To keep yourself unplagued by contract disputes, you should dispose of outdated documents as soon as possible. Sledgehammer Product Destruction will help you do so.
Liquids And Beverages

Offices often see large amounts of unconsumed liquids and beverages build up in their trash. Improper disposal of such items could conceivably lead to state-wide infestation problems, which is another reason our product destruction services prove so valuable.

Counterfeit Products

As your company grows, knock-offs and bootlegs won't be far behind. At Sledgehammer Product Destruction, we are happy to help you collect and dispose of any counterfeit products to ensure your company remains at the top of the line.

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To learn more about Sledgehammer Product Destruction can help you with certified waste solutions in LA, contact one of our destruction specialists today on 562-210-0075.

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