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IT consulting in Kennewick

IT consulting in Kennewick

With the rapid advancement of information technology in the past two decades, small-businesses have more opportunity to increase productivity than ever before. Unfortunately with such a constantly evolving industry, maintaining your network, servers, and phone systems can be tricky--if not impossible--for any company without a dedicated IT team. For many small businesses on tight budgets, this simply isn't an option. Don't have the time, resources, or know-how to deal with your IT needs? Learn how IT Consulting can help your business thrive in the Tri-cities area, including the cities of Richland, Kennwick, and Pasco.

What is IT Consulting?

IT consulting involves sitting down with an expert in the technology field to discuss your business needs--everything from PC hardware and software requirements, office phone integration, server maintenance, and network health. During your consult, one of our experts will assess your current setup and recommend upgrades and changes to help meet your goals, or if you're planning the opening of a new location, our experts can help you map out the cost of new equipment and installation. Our consultants can not only help you determine the cost and time frame of your project, but also recommend maintenance plans to help your equipment stay updated, secure, and backed-up going forward. A consultation is NOT a contract requiring commitment to do the project, but rather an in-depth quote to allow you to make informed decisions.

What Are The Advantages Of IT Consulting?

  1. Expert Recommendations: Unless you're already in the IT business (and if you are you shouldn't an outside IT consultant), you aren't likely to know exactly how much wiring you need, or exactly what type of model of server to purchase. By coming to an expert you not only save yourself hours of research--you also gain peace of mind in knowing we have the years of experience to know what will serve you best.

    "We recommend high-quality equipment, fully licensed software, and industry best practices," says Cody Cornelision, Vice President of Advantage iTs.

  2. Money Saving: There's no question that contracting out an IT Consultant is considerably cheaper than hiring an in-house IT team, but the cost savings don't end there. By coming to an IT consultant, you spare yourself from over-ordering products or ordering the wrong products. Don't make a costly mistake by skipping out.

  3. Improved Efficiency: Getting an outside opinion on the efficiency of your operations can open your eyes to new ways to increase productivity, like streamlining your network setup, or implementing cloud service integration. Learn the latest industry best practices to ensure your infrastructure is running a peak-capacity.

What does IT Consulting Cost?

Our IT consulting is free. Yep, you read that right--free. We're so sure you will benefit from our services, we are willing to consult at no cost to you, and with no commitment necessary. When you succeed, we succeed.

IT Consulting in Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco

If you want to take your Tri-cities business to the next level, Advantage ITs can help. Let our experts provide you with an excellent, tailor-made solution. Call (702)827-3700 to set up a free IT consultation today.

IT consulting in Kennewick

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