February 9, 2020

Advance Safety Software Joins Forces With BIS Training Solutions

Advance Safety Software, a provider of EHS learning management and compliance systems for all industries, is a new affiliate company joining forces with BIS Training Solutions, a parent company with a 15-year successful track record.

Advance Safety Software, a provider of EHS learning management and compliance systems for all industries, announces that it is joining forces with BIS Training Solutions. For fifteen years, BIS Training Solutions, the Edmonton-based parent company, has successfully provided safety software to corporate giants, including Suncor and Manatoulin Transport. Their award-winning management and systemization software is trusted by over 3,000 end-user companies worldwide. BIS Training Solutions has designed the most comprehensive suite of software and interactive training courses. The unique focus is on modernizing and streamlining the process of cultivating a strong, confident understanding of safety among company workers and facilitating corporate compliance for a sound and prosperous work environment.

BIS Training Solutions has roots in the leadership and management industry. Their unique angle on and experience with leadership systems and processes work equally as well when applied to safety software since systems and organization efficiently eliminate the stress that often accompanies workplace safety management. Scarborough-based Advance Safety Software is now part of BIS Training Solutions' expansion into Toronto, Canada's number one market and one of the top four urban areas in North America. Advance Safety Software is building upon BIS Training Solutions' goal to unlock a new world of safety management that Toronto businesses will welcome with open arms.

Advance Safety Software founders Kenneth Heath and June Daniels have both seen first-hand how poor employee welfare, poor workplace health, and dangerous working conditions have proven fatal to major suppliers and manufacturers for top fashion and apparel companies. Tragedies occur all because of a lack of advance knowledge of potential workplace hazards and disasters and a lack of quality systems and training to prevent these safety disasters from happening in the first place. The Advance Safety Software mission is to educate workers about their right to refuse unsafe or hazardous work as well as to provide employees with the tools necessary to feel a greater sense of accountability and capability in preventing a dangerous environment from developing.

Advance Safety Software has been featured on major networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. Local and national news corporations are recognizing the importance of the work being done at Advance Safety Software, and the company's vision is rapidly gaining visibility and momentum. Corporations understand the implications of major employee safety lawsuits and are beginning to operate from a proactive stance. With the launch of the new joint venture, Advance Safety Software is excited to help companies better protect their employees' safety and wellbeing.

Advance Safety Software leads the industry in providing cloud-based Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) learning management and compliance solutions. The company offers an all-encompassing suite of EHS software that runs on the newest cloud technology, giving all types of industries ultimate flexibility in the design and management of safety education. The software at Advance Safety Software offers a library with over seven hundred safety courses, coaching, mentoring, virtual exam proctoring, secured cloud-based safety solutions, and encryption key technology.


To learn more about the joint venture, visit the Advance Safety Software website at https://advancesafetysoftware.com.

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