July 26, 2021

American Standard Air 5-Ton HVAC Unit Supply Shrinks, Backorders Pile Up

Don't panic if you wanted to invest in a big capacity American Standard HVAC for your big property. Stay calm and assess your situation with decision tree method.

American Standard Announces Production Delays On 5 Ton HVAC Units

Recently, American Standard Manufacturing Company announced a production delay on all 5-ton HVAC systems due to the extreme demand in this time of market uncertainty.

However, homeowners can still buy 2-to-3-ton American Standard equipment and installation services through local HVAC contractors, such as ATS Mechanical, an official American Standard AC and heating dealer.

In addition to production delays of 60 - 90 days on 5-ton HVAC units, American Standard has raised the prices of units an average of 6% nationally. This price increase reflects growing inflation for material costs, labor, and transportation costs.

American standard air condtioner installation in Cypress TX

Choosing The Right HVAC Unit

With production delays of 60 days on 5-ton equipment at American Standard manufacturing facilities, consumers should plan accordingly to ensure the household's best HVAC size and configuration will meet the demand.

2 Ton American Standard HVAC Units

2 Ton American Standard HVAC units are ideal for heating and cooling homes in Cypress TX that range in size from 1,600 to 2,500 square feet. In addition to cooling and heating, such systems can get configured for added functionality, such as enhanced air filtration and air cleaning with additional advanced cleaner inbuilt.

3 Ton American Standard HVAC Package

3 Ton American Standard HVAC units work well for homes and structures that are approximately 2,500 to 3,000 square feet in size. HVAC technicians must do calculations or better simulations to make sure the system is sized correctly.

5 Ton American Standard Air System

While there is a temporary delay in the production schedule, 5 Ton American Standard AC Units are ideal for cooling and heating homes that are 3,000 to 4,200 square feet or larger. In addition to the substantial cooling power needed in this size home, a 5-ton HVAC system can also get configured with a dehumidifier for moisture removal during hot summer months in Southern Texas.

American Standard systems do not require additional features for the unit to function correctly and effectively. However, optional upgrades, including air filtration and humidifiers, are available to help promote an enhanced living environment for added comfort all year long.

Homeowners unsure which American Standard HVAC unit is best suited for their living space can schedule a free home visit with a local HVAC contractor for the size estimation and consultation on energy-efficient systems.

The Benefits Of Choosing American Standard HVAC Systems

Homeowners who choose American Standard HVAC systems will experience the benefits of reliable equipment that provides powerful cooling and exceptional heating. These units do not require additional features or functionality, but they are built with durable components to ensure a longer lifespan. High ratings on Consumer Reports in 2020 are one of the key factors in choosing an HVAC system.

Who sells American Standard AC units

Offset Rising Energy Costs

As a consumer, rising energy costs are always a concern. Outdated, malfunctioning, or broken HVAC systems can contribute to high energy bills. By installing a new HVAC system, homeowners can take proactive steps to increase efficiency and comfort inside the home to help offset rising energy costs.

According to the US Department of Energy data, if every US home replaced its aging HVAC system with new energy-efficient equipment, the country could prevent greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to taking 10 million vehicles off the road.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Air quality inside a home is crucial for optimal health, as clean air can directly affect the health and comfort of the occupants. Selecting the best HVAC unit can improve air quality by reducing humidity levels. In addition, removing contaminants such as pollen, mold spores, and other allergens from the home environment helps people with allergies or other respiratory problems breathe easier and sleep better.

HVAC systems operate 24 hours a day, year-round. They are considered one of the most critical and essential components to maintaining indoor air quality and comfort levels in a home, office, or commercial building.

American Standard HVAC Parts And Service

Consumers and homeowners can continue to expect excellent service and sales support from dealers in the American Standard network. All American Standard air conditioning systems use the highest quality parts, and service centers provide fast reliable repair work. In addition, all authorized dealers carry full lines of replacement parts and accessories to complete needed repairs and maintenance.

American Standard Warranties

American Standard provides a limited lifetime warranty on all HVAC products, including coverage for parts and labor. In addition, all equipment is backed by the best-in-class customer service support from authorized dealers in the American Standard AC network.

“We believe that HVAC must be done right first time” -- ATS Mechanical Heating & AC Repair

Incentives And Offers

American Standard is proud to offer a range of incentives and offers to homeowners investing in a qualifying American Standard Brand HVAC unit. Original offers and incentives may vary by region, dealer, product, and season. Homeowners are encouraged to contact local HVAC dealers or visit the American Standard official air conditioning contractor Barry Granger for more information.

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