December 27, 2021

Bloomming Room Dividers Win First U.S. Distributor

Bloomming of Eindhoven, Netherlands has won its first official U.S. dealer, Specialty Doors & Hardware. Customers now have the advantage of ordering the world-famous Facet room dividers from an American distributor.

Room Divider Facet by Bloomming

Specialty Doors & Hardware is pleased to announce that it has become the first official U.S. distributor of Facet room dividers, manufactured by Bloomming of Eindhoven, Netherlands.

When it comes to room divider panels, there's no question Bloomming reigns supreme. When you do a quick Google for "hanging room dividers," you're more than likely to see their dazzling partitions among the many images that show up:

Hanging Room Dividers

Modular Room Divider PanelsFor more than a decade, Bloomming's Facet room dividers have been chosen by designers worldwide to elegantly partition rooms, decorate space, and control light & airflow. Most uniquely, Facet room dividers are assembled from individual shapes that the user can rotate to play with transparency, manage privacy, and create any pattern imaginable.

"When it comes to European hardware products," says Tom Gross, CEO and founder of Specialty Doors, "we've found over the years that American customers prefer to order them from an American dealer. That's exactly why we're excited to enter this distributor relationship with Bloomming."

Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Oracle, Hilton Hotels, Sheraton Hotels and Universal Studios are just some of the names that have employed Facet partitions. Fashion magazines including Vogue and Elle have praised them for "challenging the foundations of architectural thought" and transforming spaces in a simple rotation.

Bloomming's room dividers (sometimes misspelled as "Blooming room dividers") are available in hanging, freestanding and sliding configurations. Combined with Specialty Doors' existing lineup of sliding door hardware, they can even function as elegant doors for a clean, modern space. 

Facet is available in any color & size for any use. When one is ever unsure what to get, customers can get complementary help direct from Specialty Doors' customer service veterans, who have a combined 100+ years experience in the fields of interior design and hardware.

Hanging Room Divider Facet

Simply stated, a facet panel is a modular part of a room divider system that allows people to create any number of combinations—from a simple horizontal partition to a full wall of dividers. The most common uses include living areas, offices, stores, showrooms, museum walls, conference rooms, lounges and other multipurpose spaces. 

Facet hanging room dividers are also available with adjustable ceiling attachments, allowing them to be easily suspended from high or slanted ceilings.

Freestanding Room Divider Facet

For a more portable solution, Facet is also available as a freestanding divider. It's lightweight, and one can shift the whole dynamic & flow of a room by moving it—and yet it stands securely on its own. This picture shows freestanding Facet functioning as a beautiful piece of decor in a restaurant/bar setting:

Freestanding Room Dividers

Sliding Room Divider Facet

Facet hanging and freestanding dividers can even be ordered with a low-key sliding track, allowing them to be used as moving walls or sliding doors without a floor guide or floor track.

For additional style, Facet dividers can also be combined with Specialty Doors' selection of sliding door rollers & tracks.

Are Facet Room Dividors Eco-Friendly?

Yes! They are made of PCABS, aluminum and stainless steel, and they are fully recyclable, fire-retardant, UV-resistant and antistatic for long life. Every room divider is made to order, sold in biodegradable packaging, and Bloomming up-cycles used Facet modules into new kits.

How to Buy Room Divider Facet

Facet room dividers are available now for preordering from Specialty Doors. Although the company will make the dividers available for online ordering, customers can inquire immediately at 1 (866) 815-8151 or

About Specialty Doors & Hardware

Founded in 1996, Specialty Doors and Hardware of Norwalk, California was the first company to sell hardware for sliding doors (a.k.a. "barn door hardware"). They have since expanded to offer more functional space-saving design products: folding accordion doors; ladders for libraries & wine cellars; operable walls; temporary partitions; commercial security doors; and doors for insulating sound.

Across all categories, Specialty Doors focuses on quality & value, with durable American and European-made doors/ladders/hardware that won't set you back in repairs or replacement.

Specialty Doors aims to provide everyone with the hardware & items to expand space in their room, control air flow and add privacy, whether commercial or residential. With thousands of customers served, from homeowners to Hollywood studios such as Disney and Warner Bros., Specialty Doors has received numerous 4 and 5 star reviews (and four Best of Houzz customer service awards) for their expertise in providing any type of product needed.

They understand that not all of us want to deal with endless hassle when purchasing, so they aim to simplify as much as possible. In one phone call, you're connected directly to an interior design veteran who helps you with design & customization at no extra cost—service not found at a big-box store.

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