June 13, 2022

Certolab Grows and Strengthens, Now Introducing a New Investment Strategy

As Certolab Laboratories expands and grows, the company welcomes entrepreneurs to invest in its franchising model and explains the differences between franchising and starting a new business from scratch.

Acquiring a Franchise in Mexico

If one intends to become independent and be their boss – and they’re at the crossroads of not knowing whether to acquire a franchise or start their own business – then franchising is for those who need support. Both options have pros and cons. The risk of failure is reduced by acquiring a franchise, but a franchisee has to meet basic brand guidelines.

Certolab Franchises Mexico

According to INEGI Economic Demography research, 70% of new businesses will have failed after 5 years, 78% will have failed after 10 years, and after 20 years, only 11% of those businesses survive. And several factors influence business success, the main being the business plan.

Even when one has enough capital to start their own company, creating a business plan must be considered because the same study says that the main cause of the closure of new companies is business incapacity. The main difference between a franchise and one’s own business is that a franchise is an already proven business model; it already worked and operates under an already established scheme. On the other hand, a business started from scratch operates under a trial and error scheme.


  • Reduction of Investment Risk: A franchisee does not start from scratch; they begin working from an already established business and recognized brand.
  • Continuous Innovation: The franchisor has a specialized marketing team for product innovation, creation, and presentation; the franchisee only has to follow the established guidelines.
  • Assistance: To preserve the brand’s reputation, franchisors provide service to their franchisees in the face of any problem that may arise.
  • Training: By acquiring a franchise, one receives knowledge through training from the franchisor.
  • The parent company performs promotion and Advertising.

Starting a Business from Scratch


  • High risk of losing investment.
  • Lack of existing resources and a strong business plan. 

Before making a decision, the entrepreneur has to analyze his economic situation and short, mid, and long-term goals & objectives. Also, the brand provides support and guarantees to its franchisees.

The figures indicate that 90% of the world’s franchise-model companies survive and succeed. On the other hand, less than 30% of conventional new businesses survive, and only 10% are successful.

There are national and international franchises worldwide, providing investment opportunities backed by experience and documented systems & processes.

To better understand the concept, a franchise is an agreement where the parent company (the franchisor) grants a license to another merchant (the franchisee) to operate a business that utilizes and replicates the franchisor’s business model, brand, products, and services independently in a given territory with consistent commercial and administrative methods.

Especially with the history of the past two years, one option is to acquire a franchise in health services such as medical laboratories, hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centers. Listed below are different points that will help make a bold decision regarding franchising investment. 

What are the advantages for the franchisee?

  • Reduction of risks and uncertainties by investing in an already proven business
  • Continuous innovation in methodology and technology
  • Training documented in Operating Manuals.
  • Access to administrative control systems and performance evaluation.
  • Training in production processes of goods and services
  • Working with a consolidated network of franchisees
  • Access to the promotion and advertising programs
  • Increase in personal prestige through involvement with an already successful business model


What are the critical success factors in a franchise business?

  • Determination
  • Financial capacity
  • Brand strength and recognition
  • Excellent product or service
  • Commercial ability
  • All the research has been done upfront
  • An ideal geographical location
  • Understanding and embracing the franchise model


The Seven Deadly Sins of Franchising

  1. Neglecting the basic expectation of business success and customer service
  2. Choosing franchisees incorrectly
  3. Not having a training plan
  4. Not having an Operating Manual
  5. Not providing support
  6. Not adapting to the local market
  7. Poor financial performance evaluation


What characteristics should a franchisor look for in a franchisee?

  • 120% commitment
  • The franchisee makes decisions proactively within the established limits
  • The franchisee acts as the “eyes and ears” of the customer – they listen to customers’ feedback & needs and adjust their next steps accordingly 
  • Compliance with brand guidelines
  • Be open to change
  • Be disciplined and respect the conditions of the franchise. 


What are the characteristics of a good franchise?

  • Provides support to franchisees
  • The business is organized and prepared for franchising, so the franchisee can fully receive the parent company’s know-how.
  • Builds brand for more recognition and greater positioning
  • Continuous innovation and development
  • Always gives support and direction to franchisees

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