April 1, 2020

ETF Portfolio Management Upgrades Investable Benchmarks

Investable benchmark portfolios enhance efficiency and simplicity.

ETF Portfolio Management (ETF PM) announced today that it has upgraded the firm’s Investable Benchmark portfolios. These new strategically balanced portfolios, provided both with and without leverage, benefit greatly from enhanced efficiency and simplicity.

“Many investors will be thrilled to learn that a strategically balanced portfolio of just two leading index exchange-traded funds (ETFs) has delivered spectacular performance and risk control. In fact, certain benefits of this combination enable the moderate use of leverage which materially enhances performance at times,” said David Kreinces, ETF PM’s founder and portfolio manager. “Investors are now able to target stronger returns, with far lower risk, as leverage is not just for real estate anymore.”

Balanced Portfolios

During the past decade, the balanced investable benchmark portfolios have been optimal investment solutions using leading ETFs from Vanguard, iShares, ProShares, and Direxion. ETF PM is now reducing the number of holdings in each portfolio to just two leading ETFs:

  • Income and Growth (IG) – 50% S&P 500 (VOO) and 50% Long-Term Treasury Bonds (TLT).
  • Income and Growth 2x (IG 2x) – 50% S&P 500 2x (SSO) and 50% Long-Term Treasury Bonds 2x (UBT).
  • Income and Growth 3x (IG 3x) – 50% S&P 500 3x (UPRO) and 50% Long-Term Treasury Bonds 3x (TMF).
  • Income and Tech 3x (IT 3x) – 50% Nasdaq 100 3x (TQQQ) and 50% Long-Term Treasury Bonds 3x (TMF).

Over the past 10.2 years, we estimate that these strategically balanced portfolios delivered net annualized returns of 11% to 36% or total returns of 187% to 2,174%. In addition, these innovative solutions provided important downside protection, including relatively small losses of -2% to -9% in the market crash of 2008.

ETF PM charges an ultra-low-cost advisory fee of 0.25% for the investable benchmarks, and their expense ratios range from 0.09% to 1.02% per annum.

Investable Benchmarks ETF Performance

New Book: Investable Benchmarks

Last month, ETF PM published Investable Benchmarks: A Guide to ETFs, Technology and Leverage. The book gives investors data and insights to better understand these important diversified solutions. While past performance can never guarantee future results, leveraged diversification can be a free retirement nest egg.

Absolute Return Strategies

ETF PM also specializes in disciplined ETF trend following. The firm offers a dynamic range of strategies that seek to deliver positive returns in all market environments. The firm's absolute return strategies successfully delivered gains for clients in all four of the recent market downturns: the crash of 2008, the flash crash of 2010, the bear-market of 2018, and again during this 2020 crash. In order to maximize investor diversification and protection, we focus on hybrid portfolios that combine active trend following with passive asset class indexing.

About ETF Portfolio Management

ETF Portfolio Management (ETF PM) is a revolutionary financial advisory firm that specializes in strategic diversification and risk control. The firm customizes active and passive investment portfolios for each client’s account. Client accounts may be held at Interactive Brokers. Other custodians may be available upon request.


For more information, visit www.etfpm.com.

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