August 23, 2021

Exterior Sliding Barn Door Hardware Can Support Doors for Outdoor Use

Specialty Doors helps designers & architects to choose & install those hard-to-find outdoor/exterior barn door hardware sets. They can support their door outdoors with a track that's not only weather-rated, but also easy to install.

Exterior Sliding Barn Door Hardware for Heavy-Duty Doors

Whether you’re looking to add a new door to your home, or give your facade’s existing door a facelift, an exterior sliding barn door hardware kit is a must-have. Not only is a barn-styled door easy to install–it also saves space by clearing the unnecessary radius of swing doors.

Barn-styled doors, inside & out, also add a classic, rustic charm to any home. From a small farmhouse in the country to a sleek loft in the city, all you need to do is hang a barn door using a high-quality exterior barn door kit, and you’re ready for a whole new look.

Choosing the right sliding door hardware can be challenging. In business since 1996, Specialty Doors and Hardware is a pioneer in barn door hardware. They still provide the widest selection of custom exterior barn door hardware, from North American manufacturers including Leatherneck Hardware, Agave Ironworks and more.

Specialty Doors’ customer service consists entirely of barn door veterans. From standard size, to larger exterior doors, help from Specialty Doors will come in handy when you’re choosing from such a huge inventory. They aim for their customers to get the best product combination possible, making outdoor projects a breeze for designers & architects.

Exterior Sliding Barn Door Hardware

Can barn doors be used outside?

Yes—with hardware for exterior use! Heavy-duty, rugged exterior barn door hardware is specifically for high-traffic environments. For exterior use, your barn door tracks need to be tough, and weather-resistant. Don’t you want your hardware choices to stand the test of time? After all, exterior doors have heavier wood or glass door panels, and they’re subject to unpredictable weather conditions — because you could be anywhere in America or the world.

Can you add barn door hardware to any door?

Yes. In lieu of a traditional barn door slab, you can convert any weather-safe panel to be hung from the tracks & hangers of an exterior barn door kit. While others will tell you "you need special tracks and hangers," that's already taken care of for you, as Specialty Doors supplies plenty of that hardware. The 402 Flat Track Hardware Kit from Leatherneck Hardware (pictured below) is one of Specialty Doors' bestsellers, and as with many other Leatherneck products, suitable for outdoor use.

Sliding Door Hardware

How do you build an outdoor sliding barn door?

In order to build an outdoor sliding door, DIYers must pair their doors with the right kit. They can ask Specialty Doors for custom-made hardware set to match their door dimensions.

When building your door with exterior hardware, always make sure it fits these parameters:

Heavy-Duty Hardware: When going exterior, always check the hanger door weight capacity. Different barn door hardware systems are different in strength. Got a door panel weighing hundreds of pounds? Do you want your track to clumsily collapse under that much weight? The answer is obvious. Be smart, be sensible, and choose an exterior barn door track that supports heavy doors—something Specialty Doors supplies plenty of.

Weather-Resistant: In rain, you don’t want rust on your barn door hangers and track. You don’t want a steel door frame that rusts. The material should be outdoor-rated, so it’ll last decades under duress.

Specialty Doors stands behind every product they sell. When outdoor projects demand an exterior sliding barn door that is durable, insulated, strong, and impact-resistant, customers can expect to have all their needs served.

Customizable Barn Door Hardware

The exterior sliding door hardware is made to order and can be customized to fit one’s needs. You can also add useful features to your barn door kit. For example, the right handles & pulls make it a breeze to open & close a barn door hardware system.

Hardware That’s Easy to Install

Specialty Doors selects those hard-to-find exterior barn door hardware products that are not only durable but are easy to install, saving DIY-ers the worry of needing hardware skills or making an accurate build time estimate.

Watch this video to see how simple it is to install a flat-track barn door hardware kit from Leatherneck:

Safe Exterior Barn Doors

The barn door hardware market is vast, consisting of many bargain-basement vendors. Your hardware only looks as good as the door it supports, if it doesn’t fulfill its primary purpose of keeping your family or occupants safe from harm. By investing a little extra money for a well-made sliding door hardware kit, you can improve the stability of your door and add privacy.

Specialty Doors aims to provide every customer the hardware & items to match their exterior barn doors, suitable for even the most demanding taste. To receive this renowned support, U.S. customers can call their toll-free line at 1 (866) 815-8151. International customers can call +1 (310) 648-7601.

About Specialty Doors & Hardware

Specialty Doors & Hardware was founded in 1996. Its main goal was to connect architects, interior designers and contractors with hard-to-find door hardware and specialty doors. Originally a seller of commercial doors, Specialty Doors was the first company to offer barn door hardware—sliding door hardware that went on to catch the imaginations of home builders across the United States and the world.

Headquartered in Norwalk, California, Specialty Doors has served thousands of commercial & residential customers all over North America. It continues to carry a wide array of interior and exterior sliding door hardware that is suitable for almost any applicationfrom boutique hotels and luxury condominiums to residential homes, and even barns. features hardware from Leatherneck Hardware, Agave Ironworks, MWE, KrownLab, ABP-Beyerle, and many others.

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