March 10, 2021

First-Ever Sliding Barn Door Hardware Supplier Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Specialty Doors and Hardware, the original barn door hardware company, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Since 1996, the leading supplier of premium hardware has put customer service first, helping thousands of clients get their projects right the first time.

The Original Barn Door Hardware Company

Specialty Doors & Hardware is pleased to announce that it has been in business 25 Years. The company, which began in 1996 as a commercial door company, has evolved into a leading supplier of Barn Door Hardware, Accordion Doors and Library Ladders. It has served thousands of commercial & residential customers all over North America.

When the company began, it had websites for each of its product lines. Now, Specialty Doors has combined all three divisions into one site, simply called

“As we begin our 26th year, we are very proud of the fact that many of our original staff are still on board,” says a spokesperson for Specialty Doors & Hardware. “Our team is made up of specialists in doors, door hardware and library ladders. This is our ‘secret sauce’ that separates us from other online dealers and big box stores.” Specialty Doors’ veterans personally assist customers to get it right the first time.

With most businesses going online, Specialty Doors encourages customers to call their toll-free line. This lets customers easily get help, direct from the original specialists, for their specific needs.

Why do their products demand this service? “We offer professional help, because our products are not something people frequently order – we want them to get it right the first time.”

Specialty Doors values quality and durability – a commitment they’ve never sacrificed since their formation in 1996. Their products occupy a premium position in the market, above and beyond the lower-priced options at big box stores. By investing more upfront in quality products, customers eliminate unnecessary repairs & replacement – in the long run, saving on labor costs.

The common ground between all their product lines is they each save space.

Barn Door Hardware

Sliding barn doors and Barn Door Hardware eliminate the swing radius needed for a swing door. 

A typical 3 foot wide swing door can occupy up to 20 square feet of floor space. If you have 5 or more sliding doors instead of swing doors, you just added space for another room!

Specialty Doors has the distinction of being the "Original Barn Door Hardware Company" – indeed being the first-ever company to offer barn door hardware for sale. A recent YouTube video from the company advises customers to “avoid copycats.”

Supra Sliding Door Hardware Kit by MWE

Accordion Doors

Accordion Doors solve the same problem: saving space. 

Most accordion doors fold up to one to two inches per foot. If you have a 12 foot wide opening, the vast majority of Specialty Doors’ accordion doors will fold up to a stack depth of 16-24 inches. 

Their accordion doors can reduce sound transmission between rooms, and come with locks for security.

Woodfold 220 Accordion Door

Steel Library Ladders

Steel Library Ladders allow access to those areas that are normally out of reach. These ladders are custom-made, available in both stainless and carbon steel. They are very popular in kitchens, dens, closets, wine cellars and other rooms needing access to out of reach storage cabinets.  These ladders are beautiful to look at, in addition to being most useful.

MWE Stainless Steel Library Ladder

As they move into their next 25 years, Specialty Doors continues to find products that fit within their parameters of space-saving – and in doing so, continues building long-term customer relationships. “We eagerly look forward to the next chapter when the health of the world and economy rebounds,” says the spokesperson.

The company looks for products that are usually not found in big box stores, and also not difficult to install. Its market is best described as custom-made applications:

  • All Accordion Doors are custom made for a specific opening size.
  • All steel ladders systems are designed for each user’s specific requirements.
  • Most sliding door hardware is made-to-order, customized to suit a unique design criteria.

Contact Specialty Doors

To get tailored, one-on-one advice on the right hardware and customization for your project, call 1 (866) 815-8151. Specialty Doors’ customer service team has over 100 combined years of experience in interior design and the hardware niche.

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