February 20, 2020


Electricity is an integral part of our every day lives. Unreliable electrical work can cause serious problems that can put you and those around you in danger. Put your trust in the Next Step Electric professionals and call us today at +1-647-957-8806!

Next Step Electric is an Electrical Services provider based in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Started by an honest and hardworking electrician in 2009, the company grew with the idea of providing Electrical Services to people at affordable rates. An initiative started around ten years back in Richmond Hill has now reached many other cities including North York, Aurora, Markham, Vaughan, and Newmarket. The company specializes in providing services to owners of residential and commercial properties.

Next Step Electric provides a full range of electrical services in Richmond Hill, ON and takes electrical services to another level.


Next Step Electric, a topnotch provider of electric services around The York area, is pleased to update the improvements that are happening on its local emergency services. Clients who need residential and commercial emergency electric services can also improve their peace of mind every time they need an electrician in Richmond Hill or York Region. Although the company already offers a year-round, 24/7 emergency services, they want to ensure much-leveraged services.

Due to their enthusiasm and dedication to improve the electrical services during an emergency, Next Step Electric made their emergency services more comprehensive. Regardless of the electrical issues, their electricians in Richmond Hill and other areas will professionally assess the service area while ensuring that the electrical wiring of the client is up to code. The electrical service provider makes sure to offer installation, repairs, emergency, and other electrical services at a very competitive price range.

1. Hire Electrician in Richmond Hill Who Understands All Your Electrical Needs!

The main reason why Next Step Electric is successful in providing electrical services is because of the training that is given to the professionals employed by the company. You can search for electrician Richmond Hill and you are sure to find our services in the suggestions. The professionals chosen by Next Step Electric are experts who have proven their capabilities not just to the company but also have been insured, licensed and authorized by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). So, one thing that you can take as a guarantee is that when you call our experts, you are getting the services that have been approved by the Electrical Safety Authority. You can invite the electrical experts from Next Step Electric to your home or your place of work any time, safety will never be a concern for you.

2. How do You find a good electrician?

 Being available 24/7, Next Step electricians are always available in Richmond Hill and other York service areas regardless of the time of day or night. They value a high level of commitment to ensure that they can meet the real needs of their clients. Once a client contacted them for emergency electrical services, they arrive on the site within just a few minutes or hours depending on the location.

“It was around 9 PM, and suddenly an electrical issue happened. We have suspected that the issue is caused by the electrical system panel. Good thing, Next Step Electric was available at that time. Then, the electrician arrived and immediately did the repair job. We are completely satisfied with the results!!!”  Heather S., owner of a house in Richmond Hill.

3. 24/7 Availability and High-Quality Service at Affordable Prices!

The Next Step Electrical provides Electrical Services to customers throughout the day, seven days a week. They understand the need for electricity and the losses that may occur if the services are interrupted or delayed. Electricity and the appliances that run on it are two major things that we cannot afford to go away with it at any time. When it comes to the commercial sector, a malfunctioning electrical device will cause unwanted delays and losses in business. Moreover, having electrical problems at home at any time is not acceptable and sometimes really dangerous. The Next Step Electric takes care of quality and charges only for what is done by them. The services come with the best price guarantee. You can receive free quotes from the professionals when you take services from the company. The company also provides the customers with 12 months guarantee on all labor and materials. There is a page on the website - https://nextstepelectric.net/faq, where you can find our services and costs covered in the FAQ section.

The term Emergency electrician Richmond Hill can now be definitely referred to the Next Step Electric.


4. About Next Step Electric:

Next Step Electric is an Ontario-based electric service provider known for its professionalism, reliability, and affordability. The service company promises to provide high-quality electrical services in residential and commercial establishments. From installation to emergency services, they guarantee satisfaction and peace of mind. All their electricians are qualified, licensed, friendly, and professionals.

For more details about Next Step Electric emergency services and other electric services, please call +1-647-957-8806 or email at contact@nextstepelectric.net

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