August 31, 2021

How Unique Barn Door Hardware Beautifies Any Interior or Exterior Space

When it comes to unique barn door hardware options, single or double, Specialty Doors & Hardware remains #1 in selection and service after 25+ years in business.

What Is Unique Barn Door Hardware?

It's almost impossible to find the proper modern barn hardware or sliding door hardware with a lot of do-it-yourself products online. Whether it’s for interior or exterior barn doors, you can find these readily available options from online stores like, which has been selling quality products since 1996 and helping out clients with configuration. It is time to choose unique barn door hardware features in the following order:

  1. types and styles
  2. hardware system
  3. track configuration, depending on your room's setup. 

Great options for unique sliding doors would include single doors, double doors, stainless steel for materials to get that beautiful look, or bronze for rustic charm and look, depending on the style of double doors you will have to choose a single track or double track with bypass system. When you want a nice and quiet movement of the doors, Specialty Doors also gives you the much-needed option of barn door soft close. Oversized—they have that too. Various barn door guides for your door pulls and handles, you name it, and Specialty Doors is sure to have it or as a custom barn door hardware.

Unique Barn Door Hardware

Why choose a unique sliding door hardware kit?


Look at the room you want to redo and the color tones to find the most suitable color scheme. Alternatively, request a custom color finish from Specialty Doors & Hardware if you would like. They have the darkest shades of grey, which are unique and blend with most barn colors and styles because they are so close to black.

Buy American and European manufactured barn door hardware to avoid rust issues, discoloration and peeling, defective bearings, loud operation, and other quality challenges.


The sliding door's size is different from that of a swing door. Measure the door's opening and the barn door tracks to make sure the door slides out completely. Specialty Doors has various unique barn door hardware kits and will find you a design that matches your standard or custom door measurements.


Unique Barn Door Hardware: 421 FireballThis consideration is the fun part for most people. Specialty Doors' hardware veterans love to look at different designs and compare the most straightforward techniques to the most complex ones. They use this to help clients understand how different door styles blend with their rooms.

Barn door lovers usually marvel at hardware with an arrow, roller, spoked roller, horseshoe, and even fireball designs not only because they look dazzling, but they also maintain their continuous function for long periods.

For something more minimalist or modern, make an artistic statement with a low-profile barn door kit from Krownlab. The German company MWE manufactures elaborate barn door hardware kits with a design, fit, finish & function that recalls an expensive luxury Swiss watch. They are the highest-end products in Specialty Doors & Hardware's lineup, ideal for a refined taste.

At Specialty Doors, they have a big collection of hardware you can choose from that will all fit and match your door color and design. One element that people forget sometimes with barn door handles' designs is to add at least two or more bolts to keep the door stable. Other things to consider in your project include:

  • Elements you want to emphasize in the property, whether it’s industrialism or simple elegance
  • A lavish and peculiar home design that improves the home value
  • A family-friendly design element, for those with children
  • Where can you clear up clutter?

Affordable Barn Door Hardware

Specialty Doors' selection of unique sliding door hardware offers quality without breaking the bank. For example, they carry kits from Leatherneck Hardware—all American-made, crafted from decades of family heritage at a workshop in Illinois. These are affordable door hardware sets, and yet durable & tough enough to take even heavy doors.

Sliding barn doors are especially cost-effective when it comes to the pull or handle. The best part about barn door pulls and handles? If your style or taste eventually changes, you can switch out the old pull for a new one made to the same dimensions. Where your current pull or handle may have an old and rustic vibe, you can quickly switch it out for a more modern aesthetic without replacing the entire door system—simple, and cost-effective.

Cast Iron Barn Door Flush Pull

Specialty Doors make it even easier for you to get the best hardware by taking the guesswork out of your decisions. Their team prevents costly mistakes and ensures your project is done right the first time, with hardware that will give you long term service. They carry all sorts of timeless hardware with high-grade materials and engineering.

Contact Specialty Doors for Unique Hardware

Make a statement in style with a subtle redo that is rewarding for your home. These improvements may seem simple, but they offer a unique opportunity for you to reshape your space with affordable pieces, from old-fashioned to contemporary. Contact 1-866-815-8151 to discover more unique sliding door hardware, and other products and services that will elevate your home’s value and look. You can also find more information & shop online at

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