July 20, 2020

HVAC Company in Cypress, Texas Moves Into New Location

ATS Mechanical Heating & AC Repair, a top-rated HVAC and A/C repair & maintenance service, has moved from Tomball, TX to Cypress, TX. Renowned for its customer service & dedication, the Cypress, TX A/C service has expanded its service area, helping customers in both cities.

While many Texans are staying at home under the summer heat, ATS Mechanical Heating & AC Repair – an HVAC Cypress TX company – is showing no signs of slowing down and helping those in need.

AC Repair Cypress

Last month, ATS moved from Tomball, TX to Cypress, TX, serving residential & commercial applications in both cities and the surrounding area. “ATS has moved to a new location, but our value didn’t change,” says a spokesperson for the company, which has over 26 years of experience in the industry servicing both residential & commercial clients.

Throughout the pandemic, ATS Mechanical has continued to take calls & optimize the comfort, safety, efficiency & air quality of its clients, with its expertise in HVAC repair and servicing/replacing air conditioning – and its move to Cypress is one major step in this continuing commitment. Ever since shutdown began in March, ATS Mechanical has been following all local & state COVID-19 precautions to ensure all its workers and clients are healthy & safe.

“During this hot weather, the elderly, animals, and people with health conditions will need to have air conditioning working properly,” says Barry Grainger, owner of ATS Mechanical. He reminds customers that proper & up-to-date maintenance are a must in the event an A/C unit breaks down. “When you need to call, we’ll do the proper things to ensure that you, I, and our employees are protected.”

Clean air is so important to anyone’s overall health that for some, an HVAC contractor could be the only one a homeowner could be in full contact with during a stay-at-home order – so they recommend scheduling an appointment for “AC repair near me” as soon as possible.

As one of the top-rated air conditioning & HVAC companies in Cypress & area, ATS Mechanical “has handled every imaginable problem with all makes, models and types of cooling equipment.” From the very start, the company has placed its customers’ safety & efficiency first. They take pride in analyzing A/C and HVAC units for maximum effectiveness, providing evaluations to customers, and being transparent about the recommended resolution. 

ATS Mechanical is an official dealer representing name brands including Mitsubishi & American Standard, and has extensive experience working on the full range of heating, cooling & air quality equipment.

HVAC Companies Cypress

Anyone searching for “AC service Cypress TX” – and wondering about the safety & effectiveness of the service they receive – can sleep well knowing they have ATS Mechanical’s professionals at their side, especially with their new expanded service.

For more information on receiving ATS Mechanical’s trusted service, those interested can visit https://ats-mechanical.com to schedule service, or call (832) 266-1531.

ATS Mechanical offers A/C replacement rebates for up to $4000 as money is available. Factory rebates will end soon for Mitsubishi A/C units.

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