August 13, 2021

Mitsubishi Launches a New PEFY E4 Ducted Unit for Commercial HVAC Installation

ATS Mechanical HVAC installs now a new Mitsubishi Ducted system in Southern Texas. Not all commercial companies can offer such update from Mitsubishi Electric. It's time for an upgrade in 2021.

New Units for Mitsubishi Commercial HVAC Installation

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new air conditioning type with the same performance as the existing models, but quieter by 30% than its predecessor, the PEFY-E3. Further, the unit meets compliance with the new UL Standard 60335-2-40.

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The New PEFY-E4 mid-static ducted units from Mitsubishi Electric are highly efficient, quiet, and easy to install. Furthermore, this new model is compatible with current CITY MULTI® outdoor units, including Y-Series, R2-Series, S-Series, WR2-Series, and WY-Series. For this reason, customers can quickly achieve optimum energy efficiency while meeting enhanced indoor air quality requirements.

The new PEFY-E4 mid-static ducted units are available in a range of capacity commercial air conditioner ratings from 3 to 18 tons. As a result, they're ideal for commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, government offices, and more. In addition, these units are suitable for new construction projects, enhancing existing HVAC, or replacing old or outdated commercial HVAC units.

Mitsubishi commercial HVAC installation and repair is worth it when done right the first time. ATS Mechanical Heating & AC Repair stands for this statement with every estimate and quote a contractor provides.

Benefits Of Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Units

The PEFY-E4 mid-static ducted units from Mitsubishi Electric offer numerous benefits to end-users, including:

Low Noise Design - Mitsubishi Electric has achieved a 30% reduction in noise output between the old and new models. The PEFY-E4's low noise level is due to its high-performance inverter compressor, which features a unique, large-diameter rotor and its optimized control system. Built to meet UL's stringent Standard 60335-2-40 requirements, the unit has a sound power level of only 50 decibels at 10 feet from the unit.

Higher Energy Efficiency - Mitsubishi Electric's advanced inverter technology reduces electrical power consumption by up to 20% compared to standard linear compressors. This increased energy efficiency lowers the total cost of ownership and can reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Easy Installation - The PEFY-E4 mid-static ducted units are compatible with all current CITY MULTI outdoor units, including Y-Series, R2-Series, S-Series, WR2-Series, and WY-Series. Furthermore, because this new model utilizes the same piping layout as previous models from Mitsubishi Electric, technicians can easily install the PEFY-E4 mid-static ducted units in existing outdoor unit locations.

As part of Mitsubishi Electric’s greenhouse gas reduction initiative, this new mid-static unit has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 40% per ton over its predecessor, so companies and organizations can take steps to reduce their carbon footprint. While reducing overall energy consumption, the PEFY-E4 mid-static ducted units are the ideal solution. A couple commercial HVAC companies can offer such advanced cooling and heating performance in Cypress TX.

Compliance with the New UL Standard 60335-2-40

The new ducted AC units meet compliance with the recently revised UL Standard 60335-2 40 for cooling configurations. The standard calls for a sound power level of 50 dB(A) and requires that the unit be duct-mountable regardless of tonnage. Mitsubishi Electric has increased energy efficiency with this new mid-static ducted unit while complying with UL's updated requirements.

The technical details of the new UL Standard 60335-2-40 include:

Sound Power Limit - 50 dB(A) at 10 ft. (3 m.) from the outdoor unit.

Duct-mounting Requirement - All units must be duct-mountable regardless of tonnage and cooling capacity.

Mitsubishi ducted A/C is about reliability with a personalized comfort

The new PEFY-E4 system Mitsubishi offers features that can help building managers reduce operating costs in commercial facilities equipped with HVAC, while providing reliable comfort and indoor air quality. This unit is ideal for general contractors in Cypress TX and building owners in Southern Texas looking for a way to increase efficiency. While reducing energy costs, the PEFY-E4 mid-static ducted units provide a cost-effective solution. ATS Mechanical Heating & AC Repair is certified Mitsubishi Electric HVAC contractor with 28 years of experience.

With a wide range of Zoned and Centralized Comfort Controllers, property owners benefit from having higher levels of granular environmental control. The new mid static PEFY E4 also features a high-performance inverter compressor, which runs cooler and is quieter than standard compressors. In addition, with the ability to offer up to five stages of heating and cooling and zoning with Five-Stage heat pumps. Property owners can get comfort levels that meet any need.

High-Performance Heating and Cooling Commercial HVAC Need only Minor Service

HVAC Contractors in Cypress TX have consistently recognized Mitsubishi Electric's HVAC systems as being among the best in quality and performance.

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