July 6, 2020

Nano CBD Wholesale Shop Opens 1st-Ever Water-Soluble Formula to Bulk Orders

Long Live The Hemp, a premier seller of nano CBD, has made its Dutch Nutrient hemp extract available for wholesale orders. Backed by 5 years of R&D, Dutch Nutrient's highly stable nanoparticles create an effect 20x as strong as regular CBD oils.

LONG LIVE THE HEMP, a Houston, Texas-based seller of hemp-based products, has made its one-of-a-kind nano-sized liquid hemp extract available for wholesale ordering. This effectively makes the online CBD store now a wholesale CBD distributor, open to businesses nationwide who wish to get into the hot market of hemp-based products containing cannabidiol.

CBD Business Opportunities

While anyone can claim to sell high-quality CBD, LONG LIVE THE HEMP’s bulk products will provide businesses a unique wholesale CBD formulation (and tight QC & growth/processing standards) that gives them a strong edge over even the closest competitors – not just in marketing positioning, but in the actual value their product line provides to customers.

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What Is CBD Oil and Nano CBD?

Recently, society has become more aware of the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant, and its non-psychoactive strain: industrial hemp. Over time, hemp has become less regulated world-over.

As a result, "CBD oil" has become a buzzword in the world of alternative health. “CBD” is short for cannabidiol, an organic chemical in the hemp plant that people especially single out as a solution for pain management.

There's also a growing trend of something called "nano CBD." A smaller subset of people knows that regular oil typically delivers only 5-20% of the CBD into their bodies.

The solution: encapsulate the hemp extract in nanoparticles. This delivers it to the cellular level, which is where the damage is done to the body and mind.

Nano CBD is quickly becoming a hot niche market. Dozens of competitors are entering by the month. Levels of effectiveness are said to vary from product to product.

However, one company in Houston sets itself apart from the competition. LONG LIVE THE HEMP has been proactive to develop a product they call "true Nano." Their formulation, Dutch Nutrient, is assimilated into the body without any additional additives and backed by 5 years of real science-based R&D.

Why Buy CBD Wholesale from Long Live The Hemp?

LONG LIVE THE HEMP’s Dutch Nutrient has many unique advantages for CBD brands, wholesalers, resellers, distributors, practices, and retail stores of any kind:

1. Pure Hemp, Zero Filler Ingredients, 100% water-soluble

Most CBD products, even nano CBD products, require additional ingredients – such as coconut oil, MCT oil, or hemp seed oil – either as a carrier or for taste.

Dutch Nutrient contains only 1 ingredient: the full-spectrum hemp extract. 

In regular nano-structures, such as liposomes and micelles, a common concern is that the particles are unstable during blood circulation. Dutch Nutrient is made to address this concern. Its 10-25 nm molecules are stable enough to effectively deliver a large payload of CBD to the parts of the body where it is needed. All using only 1 ingredient. For more details, LONG LIVE THE HEMP suggests reading the The Science writeup on their website.

20x The Strength of Regular Drops

When customers enjoy the effect of their regular CBD, it’s important to note that they’re only getting 5-20% of what they’re paying for. LONG LIVE THE HEMP invites customers to see how it feels to get 95% of what they already enjoy.

Customers will experience the full flavor of the concentrated hemp. They can add other oils later if they wish, but LONG LIVE THE HEMP recommends not to do so, as it dilutes the nanoparticles and limits effective absorption.

The stable nano-structure means Dutch Nutrient can be safely stored at room temperature and does not need to be mixed before use. It is also 100% water-soluble – enjoyable under the tongue or with a beverage of one’s choice.

2. Non-Psychoactive

The Dutch Nutrient formula is made to have no effect on one’s cognitive & work abilities day-to-day. 3rd-party lab reports show 0.05% delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is 6X less than what the FDA deems to be "zero-THC" industrial hemp.

3. Organic Hemp

Dutch Nutrient is sourced from organically grown Colorado hemp crops. LONG LIVE THE HEMP carefully processes the hemp crops into its finished products in Houston, Texas.

The farms growing LONG LIVE THE HEMP’s hemp never use any pesticides or synthetic chemicals of any kind. The resulting products are also free of residual solvents and heavy metals.

4. Quality Control

LONG LIVE THE HEMP’s products are 100% grown, processed, packaged & made in the USA, from seed to sale, every step of the supply chain.

Stringent quality control is in place at every step to ensure every aspect of the hemp extract is made to the highest quality possible. This allows Dutch Nutrient to consistently get to you exactly as it's designed to be.

5. Science-Based CBD

LONG LIVE THE HEMP works in direct capacity with a group of active bio-nutraceutical scientists; the only group in the world who has discovered and developed a CBD nano-compound this advanced. Dutch Nutrient is backed by the scientists’ science-based IP and patent-pending technology. Their sole focus: being completely ahead of the curve in developing an effective hemp extract – no corners cut.

The scientists have spent 5 years of R&D to get the nano-structure to where it is now. It costs a lot of money & time to develop the technology, IP & formulation behind Dutch Nutrient, to where it would be cost-prohibitive for other companies to imitate. Hence, most companies that sell nano CBD never go past the liposomal level.

However, those who do want to go beyond liposomes can now easily join the “Nano Hemp Revolution.” LLTH’s scientists have already spent all the time, money & research for you; it is much less expensive to supply you with Dutch Nutrient wholesale, than for anyone to try to imitate the technology.

How to Become a CBD Oil Distributor?

There are many ways to sell LONG LIVE THE HEMP’s wholesale CBD. Here’s what companies just like yours can do with it:

  • Reseller: Make Dutch Nutrient product – complete with LONG LIVE THE HEMP branding – available on your online store, or at a physical office/storefront.

  • Distributor: Retail stores big & small are welcome to contact LONG LIVE THE HEMP about making Dutch Nutrient available to wider audiences, both offline and online.

  • White-Label: LLTH supplies you raw materials, you sell under your own brand. Includes consulting on formulations, and recommendations on labeling and packaging.

  • Already Selling CBD?: If you have an existing customer base, add Dutch Nutrient to your product line. The resulting exposure helps to eliminate competition.

  • OR… Use Dutch Nutrient in Your Formula: Want to keep your current product line? Make LLTH your supplier of raw hemp extract. Customers can still enjoy the same products they know you for. Plus the added benefits of Dutch Nutrient’s raw, 100% organic, full-spectrum nano-formulation.* Make the switch – and still maintain loyalty.

*n.b. When mixed with other ingredients, such as hempseed oil, there is no guarantee that Dutch Nutrient nanoparticles will be absorbed into the body as well as when they're taken on their own. Your customers still benefit from a hemp extract that: has stringent QC to ensure consistency; is grown & processed to be zero-THC; is made to fully comply with the laws & regulations of all 50 states & beyond; and is 100% organic with no pesticides, no heavy metals, no synthetic additives.

Whether you’re a mom-&-pop shop, a statewide chain, a nationwide chain or even a mega-conglomerate, LONG LIVE THE HEMP is open to your inquiries. The Dutch Nutrient formula is available at an MOQ of 1 liter (1 kg).

Order Bulk from Long Live The Hemp

Get ready to make money selling CBD oil. To apply to be a B2B client of LONG LIVE THE HEMP’s wholesale nano CBD, contact support@longlivethehemp.com, or call (281) 915-NANO (6266).


FDA DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. LONG LIVE THE HEMP products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Prior to taking any LONG LIVE THE HEMP products, we recommend consulting your healthcare provider for professional advice.

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