September 23, 2019

Ontario Driving School Offers Driver Refresher Course for Seniors

Tomorrow's Drivers announces that it offers a Senior Driver Refresher Course to seniors in the Newmarket area. The course is geared towards updating driving skills so that the student cultivates good driving habits and becomes a safe and defensive driver.

Tomorrow's Drivers, the premier driving school in the Newmarket area, is pleased to announce that it offers a Senior Driver Refresher Course. The Senior Driver Refresher Course is recommended for seniors who have either lost their driving license due to an at-fault collision or are older than eighty years old and are due for renewal of their class G driver’s license. The course is also geared towards updating driving skills in order to gain good driving habits and be a safe and defensive driver.

To stay a safe driver for life, it is important to receive instruction from a qualified driving instructor. Whether an individual has had an at-fault collision or not, seniors can benefit from understanding how Ontario's traffic laws have changed and how aging can affect their ability to drive.

Tomorrow's Drivers specializes in training beyond just passing a driving test. Since driving is a daily need, Tomorrow's Drivers aims to teach practical knowledge. By strengthening skills, confidence, and mindset, the driving school prepares students for any on-road situation they may encounter in their lives.

Tomorrow's Drivers apply the same approach to training senior drivers. The driving instructor assesses the student's current driving skills and abilities and identifies areas that require specialized driver training. Instructors also consider special health needs so that the student can be a safer and more confident driver. When drivers turn eighty, they are required to renew their license every two years with a mandatory test component. For this reason, it is especially important to be well-prepared.

A key component of the Tomorrow’s Drivers method is to help students of all ages develop rock-solid confidence in their driving abilities. The MTO-approved driving school has an unsurpassed 99.5% road test pass rate, but passing the G1, G2, and G tests is only the beginning. Instructors train students far beyond the baseline Ministry requirements.

Tomorrow's Drivers equips people with the positive mindset they need to thrive on the road and works to cure anxieties that influence driving performance. This therapeutic approach transforms nervous drivers into safe, respectful motorists. Having and using the skills taught at Tomorrow's Drivers is vital to making Ontario’s roads safer for every motorist.

Tomorrow's Drivers is an innovative driving school that teaches students the knowledge necessary to make good, confident driving decisions. The school offers Ministry-Approved BDE Courses and has an unmatched 99.5% passing ratio. Centrally located in the heart of Newmarket, the classroom is a convenient six-minute drive from the Newmarket Drive Test Centre. The training methods at Tomorrow's Drivers have been honed over several years, and, with over 10,000 successful graduates, the school proudly provides the best driver training in the York Region.


For more information about the Senior Driver Refresher Course, visit the webpage at Tomorrow's Drivers can be reached by email at or by phone at 1 (800) 241-7493.

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