December 10, 2019

Safety Software Company in Ontario Announces Launch

Advance Safety Software, a safety software company based in Ontario, announces its recent launch.

Advance Safety Software, a provider of workplace safety education software, is pleased to announce its recent launch. The company looks forward to providing all types of industries with next-generation automation and systemization for Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) compliance and learning software. The software products developed by Advance Safety Software enable employees to be accountable and responsible for their own welfare by maintaining a well-grounded education of workplace safety, risk prevention, and risk management.

From industrial to environmental to biological industries, the administration and management of workplace safety are vital to the prosperity of a company. If a safety risk goes unnoticed or if proper training is neglected, just one preventable incident or disaster could ruin a company’s reputation.

However, a poorly-implemented or hard-to-use safety management and training system eats away at valuable time, energy, and resources. Safety training and management should be easy, and it can be. When exact, predictable, mathematical systems are in place, companies can adequately educate employees on safety risks, requirements, and skills and properly evaluate employee performance.

Advance Safety Software was founded by two professionals who were tired of seeing friends and colleagues suffer from improperly-managed workplace safety, such as missing service components, mistakes, and neglected safety needs. They decided to create a solution to safety challenges so that they could help workers and companies prevent workplace accidents.

Co-developed with the collective wisdom of experienced safety professionals in Canada, Advance Safety Software’s line of cloud-based EHS products are securely and reliably hosted on Canadian soil. Using systematization and automation to simplify training and management procedures, the company's full-service line of software is designed to broadly fulfill all known safety and learning management needs in all industries.

Advance Safety Software’s flagship product is a customizable and flexible Learning Management System that allows companies to design courses that meet their specific needs. With this system, management can track training records and equipment, create custom online forms for assessments or inspection, and integrate a training matrix in a visual, simplified way. The Learning Management System supports the latest file formats and distribution methods and is available for white labeling.

Advance Safety Software’s safety learning and compliance resources include the following software: Learning Management System, Training Record Management System, Digital Safety Forms Training, Matrix Equipment Management, Compliance Folder System, Pre-Trip Inspection Software, Incident Management Software, Hazard Assessment Software, and Health and Safety Audit System. The company also offers a library of seven hundred safety training courses.

Advance Safety Software is a leading provider of cloud-based Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) learning management and compliance solutions. The company offers an all-encompassing suite of EHS software that runs on the newest cloud technology, giving all types of industries ultimate flexibility in the design and management of safety education.


For more information about safety software, visit the Advance Safety Software website at

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