January 21, 2020


Next Step Electric provides affordable and high-quality residential, commercial and industrial electrical services in the cities and towns: Aurora, Bradford, King, Markham, Maple, Mt Albert, Newmarket, Nobleton, North York, Oak Ridges, Richmond Hill, Schomberg, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Whitchurch-Stouffville. Call us now: +1-647-957-8806

Next Step Electric is an Electrical Services provider based in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Started by an honest and hardworking electrician in 2009, the company grew with the idea of providing Electrical Services to people at affordable rates. An initiative started around ten years back in Richmond Hill has now reached many other cities including North York, Aurora, Markham, Vaughan, and Newmarket. The company specializes in providing services to owners of residential and commercial properties.

Next Step Electric Unveils Professional Services For Easy Living!

People often face common electrical issues in their houses and industries as well. The Next Step Electric is a professional electrician owned firm that offers Affordable Electrical Services.

The benefits of The Next Step Electric Services

1. Professional Electricians:

The employees working in the Next Step Electric are skilled and licensed electricians who have a good amount of experience in both residential and commercial Electrical Services in Richmond Hill. Employees are given more training at the Next Step Electric facilities once they are selected to ensure customer satisfaction.

2. Quality and Safety:

One policy that professionals in the Next Step Electric follow is that quality and safety should never be compromised. Dealing with electrical devices can often be dangerous, especially when they need servicing. That is the exact reason why the company handpicks electrical experts who have proved themselves before and are licensed and insured to do the activities. This company understands that electrical devices can be dangerous when handled by inexperienced employees. One thing you can assure while getting high-quality services is that safety comes without asking.

3. 24/7 Availability:

The Next Step Electrical provides Electrical Services to customers throughout the day, seven days a week. They understand the need for electricity and the losses that may occur if the services are interrupted or delayed. Electricity and the appliances that run on it are two major things that we cannot afford to go away with it at any time. When it comes to the commercial sector, a malfunctioning electrical device will cause unwanted delays and losses in business. Moreover, having electrical problems at home at any time is not acceptable and sometimes really dangerous.

The term Emergency electrician Richmond Hill can now be definitely referred to the Next Step Electric.

4. Affordable Prices:

The Next Step Electric takes care of quality and charges only for what is done by them. The services come with the best price guarantee. So, one thing that you can take as a guarantee while asking for our services is that when you ask our experts, you are getting the services that have been approved by the Electrical Safety Authority. You can call the electricians from the Next Step Electric to your home or your place of work any time, safety will never be a concern for you. You can receive free quotes from the professionals when you take services from the company. The company also provides the customers with 12 months guarantee on all labor and materials. There is a page on the website where you can find our services and costs covered in the FAQ section.

5. Best materials:

Quite often materials have to be replaced when the devices are serviced. A problem that customers face usually is that the replaced parts are not good or that they are old. Another thing that Next Step Electric assures you is the newest and the best parts for the replacement of the old ones.

6. Services Provided:

The services provided by the company include LED pot lights, lighting installations, panel upgrades, fire alarm installations and many more. Some of the services that people might need frequently include Electric Car (EV) Chargers, electric heated floors and emergency services that may arise at any moment. The full list of services provided by NSE can be found on https://nextstepelectric.net/faq

The Next Step Electric would like to go a step ahead and bring in green solutions to the electric problems faced by people in their locality. The FAQ section on the website is another free service offered by Next Step Electric to anyone visiting their website. In this section, you can find many issues addressed (related to electricity and electrical devices) that people deal with in their daily lives.

Do go through the website for any further details on the company. The services from the best electrician, Richmond Hill are available 24x7 in the areas where they work.

Next Step Electric

450 Worthington Ave

Richmond Hill

ON, Canada


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