February 28, 2020

Toronto Safety Software Company Moves Into New Scarborough Office

Advance Safety Software, a health and safety software industry leader based in Toronto, announces that it is relocating to a new headquarters in Scarborough.

Toronto health and safety software company Advance Safety Software is excited to announce that it has relocated into its new office in Scarborough at the northeast corner of Kennedy Road and Highway 401. Located inside the One Corporate Plaza building on 2075 Kennedy Road, the new headquarters represents a major step forward in furthering Advance Safety Software's mission. The company is committed to giving Greater Toronto Area companies access to the most modernized, intuitive, and organized tools for a safe workplace, allowing them to strengthen their corporate culture and positively contribute to the economy.

Regarding the new headquarters, Kenneth E. Heath, President of Advance Safety Software, says, "I cannot express enough excitement and gratitude at the opportunity that our new headquarters opens up to both ourselves and our clients. The new office serves as a space for us to meet and collaborate with prospects and clients, be accessible to our customers, and ultimately strengthen our presence as a safety learning provider in the GTA – making the Advance Safety Software experience all the more personable for the great companies we serve."

Led by Heath along with Vice President June Daniels, the company's team of software professionals will continue offering the most advanced, state of the art solutions in a new location that promotes a collaborative environment of innovation. This new space allows the experienced team of safety specialists to meet one-on-one with clients to create products and solutions that maximize employer safety goals, expectations, and needs.

Advance Safety Software continuously grows to accommodate new technologies and techniques that outpace any services available from competitors. Relocating is only one step in this trajectory of growth. The company's next step is making its full library of 1300+ safety courses available to the public for purchase. This collection includes the top course creators in North America and is all accessible from one place.

Safety is a key component of an efficient, productive, and well-functioning workplace. Investing in a reliable safety training system is especially important in industries where safety is a high priority. Whether construction, mining, transportation & logistics, energy, or environmental technologies, safety training is essential for promoting workplace safety and minimizing potential mishaps. Effective workplace safety enhances corporate culture by avoiding damaging and costly workplace accidents and ensuring the well-being and morale of employees. By extension, a business will benefit from an invigorated, safe, and happy workforce that will positively contribute to the business's financial and economic growth.

Advance Safety Software is an industry leader in cloud-based Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) learning management and compliance solutions. The company offers an all-encompassing suite of EHS software that runs on the newest cloud technology, giving all types of industries ultimate flexibility in the design and management of safety education. The software at Advance Safety Software offers a library with over seven hundred safety courses, coaching, mentoring, virtual exam proctoring, secured cloud-based safety solutions, and encryption key technology.


To learn more about safety software solutions, visit the Advance Safety Software website at https://advancesafetysoftware.com.

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