October 20, 2020

Why Homeowners Need Professionals to Prepare AC and Heating for Fall and Winter

ATS Mechanical HVAC Cypress TX is preparing Southern Texas community residents for the fall and winter, with heating services and repair for properly functioning HVAC systems.

HVAC and Heating Services for Home in Cypress, Texas

ATS Mechanical Heating and AC Repair provides installation, maintenance and repair services of residential and commercial air conditioning systems and products in Cypress TX and the surrounding areas. They are here to help with all your questions and concerns about heating and air conditioning, as well as AC repair and service when preparing for fall/winter season.

Heating and Air Conditioning

What will happen if AC or Heating is not serviced regularly?

It is a valid question asked by many home and business owners. Knowing the consequences of ignoring AC repair or service gives users advantages in scheduling priorities, especially in Texas hot weather and chilly winter nights.

To ensure your heat pump, split system or furnace function efficiently, it is necessary to service it on a regular basis and in accordance with manufacturers’ guidelines to maintain warranties.

The importance of AC service in Cypress

Typical AC owners tend to ignore the needs of their AC after installation. Like any mechanical technological gadgets, air conditioners of any type need regular maintenance. Experts recommend to service your AC at least once a year. Some HVAC equipment needs servicing twice a year, spring and fall.

ATS Mechanical is a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer, installing the most modern, up-to-date Mitsubishi systems for the winter with wall air conditioners, mini splits, heat pumps, and wifi thermostats for effective air management.

Here’s the list ATS Mechanical compiled, pointing the effects of skipping on maintenance of your AC and heating.

Are you concerned about high electricity bills?

When you don’t maintain your AC health, the system will run less efficiently, and as a result will have a higher energy bill. Whether you have a heat pump, a mini split system, or a furnace, they all accumulate dust. That in turn means poor heat exchange and if you have a gas furnace for the fall and winter season, the heat exchanger, if left dirty, may develop a hairline crack and may result in carbon monoxide poisoning.

HVAC Dust Accumulation 

The main function of any HVAC is to filter the air, remove the dust and provide fresh air. For that to happen air filters need replacement on the regular basis. Failure to do so may result in poor cooling.

Dust accumulation on the filters, evaporator and condensing surfaces affects the heat exchange. When users feel a noticeable drop in cooling capacity, they start operating the AC on lower temperatures, further burdening the AC. The same is true for heating.

HVAC Parts lubrication/service?

While most manufacturers aim to build as maintenance-free HVAC systems as possible. There are still parts that require regular service. 

After functioning for an extended period in the Cypress TX heat, these parts would need the TLC they deserve.  Wouldn’t you?

Service from an ATS Mechanical professional providing air conditioning services in Cypress Texas will keep these parts functioning efficiently for years to come. 

Wear and Tear 

Mechanical equipment, like humans, is subject to wear and tear. Unless maintained on a regular schedule, it is quite rare to see an electrical appliance function as well as it did when it was brand new.

Servicing your HVAC also allows you to get rid of any potential problems before they lead to a costly repair job.

As the saying goes, it is not a matter of if it will happen, but what will cause the breakdown and when.

It is you the owner should be vigilant at all times, looking out for the signs and noises indicating your HVAC requires a repair. As it may turn out catastrophic in the middle of winter.

ATS Mechanical commonly comes across cases that could have been easily avoided with regular AC servicing and maintenance. If taking time out of your day to check on your AC is difficult for you. Getting AC service twice a year is strongly advisable, as implementing the proper service well in advance will save the homeowner a lot of money and conserve more energy in the longer term.

When looking for providers of AC and heating service in Cypress, TX before Fall and Winter, it is crucial you find the right team to avoid bigger problems and unnecessary costs. 

Contact ATS Mechanical

ATS Mechanical Heating & AC Repair is well-equipped to service home heating and air needs. For a quote, call (832) 377-4903.

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