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Wcag 20 Tool

Wcag 20 Tool

Web content accessibility guidelines provide the best opportunity to understand if your website is reaching everyone. The WCAG standards, as seen through the WCAG 20 tool, offers a guide to inclusivity that can improve SEO rankings and improve click-through rate. Website Comply offers free and easy to use tools to ensure that your website complies with accessibility guidelines.

What are website accessibility guidelines?

Accessibility is among the most important factors effecting your visitors. Alongside broken links, the fonts you use, options for the blind, and aid for those with other impairments keeps every visitor from thoroughly enjoying your content.

Guidelines provide an understanding of what people with disabilities need when browsing the internet. Following these guidelines improves access for over 1 billion people worldwide.

Why should I be concerned with website accessibility?

Accessibility is a chief concern with over 1 billion users worldwide. The number of disabled people is not small.

Depending on your site, you may see a greatly increased number of disabled users. Popular websites, schools, and others are particularly impacted by ease of access. Some are even required to provide certain features by law or under external pressures.

Can I really increase traffic by improving website accessibility?

Improved accessibility brings traffic. The blind, deaf, and others still seek information. They shop and have the same needs as anyone else.

Ensuring that everyone has access to your content, allows this large segment of the population to enjoy your product. It also keeps them from clicking away, visiting competition, and reacting negatively in a visible way.

When people enjoy a website, they are more likely to share this online. Links on Facebook and from blogs increase visibility and bring more visitors to your page.

Does accessibility impact SEO?

Accessibility and SEO are not the same but often overlap. SEO is concerned with natural content and clickthrough rates. Tricking algorithms and using strict algorithms is no longer a viable way to optimize your page.

Driving and keeping traffic on a website improves your search rankings. For this reason, accessibility overlaps with SEO. Your page benefits when the disabled find what they need, share content, and promote your product.

How can I improve the accessibility of my website?

You need to improve accessibility without destroying the look and feel of your design. Our tool allows you to develop with peace of mind. Ensure that customers are satisfied with the wcag 20 tool from website comply.

Our guidelines cover the visually and audially impaired. We strive to help developers provide a functional experience that keeps all visitors on enthralled with your content.

Not every guideline is required for every website. We provide flexibility to create a modern browsing experience with letter grades allowing you to understand exactly where you fall.

Improving accessibility and increasing traffic are mutually beneficial and lead to higher page ranks. The WCAG guidelines are flexible and useful. Our organization provides the WCAG 20 tool for the benefit of any developer. Download the tool from our website today.

Wcag 20 Tool

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