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Smart Marketing for Smart Minds

We know that entrepreneurs and businesses — small to large — are the REAL positive change-makers of our people, and our world.

You can have the greatest product or service in the world. But does quality & talent alone sell it?


Because the public doesn’t know Who You Are.

Unless, of course, you — YOU alone — are occupying an entire digital Times Square.

Where nobody passes by you WITHOUT noticing you.

How do you do it?

7-figure coaches & consultants, business law firms, medical professionals, home services experts, general contractors, and other "Local Heroes" in neighborhoods such as yours...

...all have 1 thing in common with you:

They want to be remembered as the VOICES OF CHANGE in their fields.

An entrepreneur whose work can push forward the human race — in at least a certain area.

They are achieving their potential by harnessing an America-wide network of ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Telemundo, The CW and other TV & radio channel websites, and other industry publications...

...and tapping into the same online venues that generate attention for your favorite TV shows, the products you love, the mega-corporations you know.

Seems difficult?

Actually, it's quite simple. It all hinges on a 3-step process:

The ABC's of Digital Marketing

A: Advertising

"How can you be a LEADER if you're a 'best-kept secret?' It's just as good as being bankrupt."

When our founder, Alexander Vee, spoke at West Point, that was his message to the leaders of America's future.

Lift yourself out of 'best-kept secret' status. Invest in a digital marketing mechanism that leads you to industry omnipresence.

The wider your 'Online Footprint', the more the customers who search for you... will find you.

B: Branding

(and managing Your Reputation)
Alexander has also shared his message on the same stage as Suzanne Somers at the Harvard Club of Boston.

Suzanne was asked: "what's your #1 advice for a 1st-time bestselling author?" Her answer: "Use social media as much as possible."

She does it to raise CREDIBILITY.

Who would you rather buy from? One with nothing about them online? Or one with a 1st page of searches that looks AWESOME?

Credibility squashes competition. Period. Flood those searches with positive material. It makes you look just as good online as you do offline. 

Best of all? You wipe out "bad guys" & naysayers from the 1st page.

C: Content is the King...

Content Marketing is the Queen!
"Freedom of Speech -- Just Watch What You Say!"

What if we told you... YOU'RE underusing your right to free speech?

Sure, you have Content. You have a story. How do you get people to listen?

Target your ideal buyers, and get your written word right into where they seek it.

All thanks to an (ethical) 'secret backdoor' that lets us harness the news media, and channel that power into your business.

Where Do You Find Agency Intelligence?

Our Worldwide Headquarters is in Houston, Texas, and our clients span North America, from Canada to Mexico.

Agency Intelligence
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