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Our award-winning publicity strategy does just what you need to cut through the clutter — and transform into an Industry Leader.
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Places We've Spoken and Where We're Featured

As Featured on ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX
We've also been featured on Telemundo and The CW
We've also shared our message at Coca-Cola, Mercedes, the New York City Bar Association, the West Point Military Academy, and the Harvard Clubs in Boston and New York City
Alexander Awards - Harvard
Alexander Awards - West Point and Quarantine Story conference

Smart Marketing for Smart Minds

We know that entrepreneurs and businesses — from small to large — are the REAL positive change-makers of our people, and our world.

We also know this: You can have the greatest product or service in the world. But does quality & talent alone sell it?


Because the public doesn’t know Who You Are.

Unless, of course, you — YOU alone — are occupying an entire digital Times Square.

Where nobody can pass you by WITHOUT noticing you.

Agency Intelligence solves this problem for you.

Our clients range from 7-figure entrepreneurial coaches & consultants, to “Local Heroes” in neighborhoods like yours. Plus every business & professional in between.

All have 1 thing in common with you.

They want to be remembered as the VOICES OF CHANGE in their fields.

An entrepreneur whose work can push forward the human race — in at least a certain area.

We help YOU to achieve your potential by harnessing our America-wide network of ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Telemundo, The CW and other TV & radio channel websites, and other industry publications.

We place YOU right into the network as a Published Expert in as many places as possible. Just as we’ve done for ourselves.

By doing this, you accomplish a simple 3-step process we call…

The ABCs of Marketing and Public Relations



“How can you be a LEADER if you’re a ‘best-kept secret?’ . . . It’s about as good as being bankrupt.”

When our founder, Alexander Vee, was invited to speak at the West Point Military Academy, that was his message to the leaders of America’s future.

And West Point recognizes it. Many of its alumni, such as Douglas MacArthur, George S. Patton, Presidents Eisenhower & Grant, and Buzz Aldrin, have influenced the world mostly through WIDE PUBLIC AWARENESS — whether deliberate or coincidental.

At Agency Intelligence, we lift you OUT of the ‘best-kept secret’ black-hole.

Our marketing mechanism takes you on the path to omnipresence in your industry. We widen your ‘Public Footprint.’ When people search for your product or service, they’ll actually find you in media.

And when people find you, it draws even MORE visibility to Your Public Presence online… which begets more Wide Public Awareness for YOU.

That’s a vital foundation of establishing YOU as an Industry Leader.



(and managing Your Reputation)

Alexander has also shared his message on the same stage as Suzanne Somers (Three’s Company, Step by Step) at the Harvard Club of Boston. 

Suzanne was asked: “what’s your #1 advice for a 1st-time bestselling author?” Her answer: “Use social media as much as possible.” 

We know she’s not talking about the hemming & hawing of pay-per-click ads. She means using online media to raise CREDIBILITY.

Take one professional who’s published in a known industry newsletter. Take another who’s not (that might be you RIGHT NOW). 

When a prospect decides between the 2…. guess who they go with? Yep — the one who’s Published.

Credibility squashes competition. Without it, people see you as an average Joe. Period. When people search your name, make their 1st impression the BEST.

With Agency Intelligence, your new marketing assets flood searches with material that builds positive Branding. Material that makes your Online presence look just as awesome as your Offline presence. 

In the public eye, you become a VIP!

Best of all, they wipe out “bad guys” & naysayers from the 1st page.


Content is the King...

Content Marketing is the Queen!

“Freedom of Speech … Just Watch What You Say!”

Ice-T has shared messages that matter so much, that authorities have threatened to violate his full right to free speech!

What if we told you … YOU’RE grossly underusing YOUR full right to free speech?

We’re not telling you to be nasty. We’re here to help you fulfill your dream: to be a positive Disruptor and Upsetter.

Sure, you have Content. You have a story. How do you get people to see it?

Partner with us, and we’ll publish your story & content with YOUR name — where people hear your voice.

Publicity is the vehicle to gaining awareness. The engine that drives it? Your Content. We distribute and syndicate it.

Amplify Audience | Acquire Authority | Annihilate Competition
Bolster Reputation | Build Trustworthiness | Beat the Bad Guys
Communicate Your Message | Create Expert Positioning
CONQUER Your Industry
The Next Voice of Change Could Be YOU!
Are You Game?

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