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What Are Online Reputation Management Services?

Generally, reputation management (or Online Reputation Management) services mean anything that influences the way your audience perceives your business.

Reputation management means different things to different people. The most common types of reputation management services include:

  1. Creating search engine optimized (SEO) social media sites to showcase your successes, and suppress negative press, or fake negative reviews, or fake "hit pieces" by competitors.
  2. Creating search engine optimized (SEO) review sites to do the same—more aggressively.
  3. Silencing users who write negative reviews or post damaging content.
  4. Sending letters to sites hosting your competitors' "hit pieces", asking them to remove the content.
  5. Adding a process to collect more REAL reviews from new & existing customers.

Some people may choose to use #1-#4 against reputation damage online. However, when your business doesn't have enough reviews, they may take a while to be effective. What's more, they carry risks that might not appear on the surface. And #3 and #4? They're simply sketchy.

We can all agree that reputation management starts with #5: Collect feedback from happy customers who wouldn't have otherwise had the chance to do so.

What Is the Role of Local Business Reviews Software?

97% of consumers read reviews before they choose a business.

Imagine you're shopping on Amazon, or looking for a restaurant, an HVAC, a plumber on Google.

You see all the options. Which do you choose? You guessed it: the one with more customer reviews, and a higher rating.

If you don't have many reviews, and don't yet have a solid reputation management process to collect them, your competitors will eat your lunch. I mean, eat YOU for lunch.

Your potential customers aren't seeing a true & correct image of who you are, so they automatically flock to those who DO.

Google Reviews

Worse... when you're not requesting reviews, unhappy customers are 21% more likely to write a review than happy ones. A single dissatisfied customer, or jealous competitor, could devastate your public image, as "Mr. Wonderful" Kevin O'Leary confirms:

So how do you get more reviews?

The answer: a software that automates your reputation management, and collects great (and DETAILED) reviews across all major social networks from all of your happy customers.

What if I told you this online review platform could automate most of this work for you? How would that sound?

How Do You Manage Online Reviews?

As much as it pains me to tell you, automatically getting positive review after positive review isn't always as easy as it sounds.

In order to get reviews from happy customers, you need an online reputation management process that attracts more reviews. The easiest way: a software that automates the work of collecting feedback from satisfied clients.

A detailed online review sets a potential customer's expectations about your business. While you can request reviews yourself without automation, not all customers take time to write exactly why they like the product or service they received.

As a customer, you never like a lack of specificity in a positive reputation. It turns you away. As an online reputation management company, we never like it, either.

No problem.

Drop our online review management software into your sales cycle. It auto-magically ASKS customers exactly what they got, and what they loved about it—and guides them to post on Google, Facebook, and everywhere.

This detailed positive content makes your brand's image shine.

With Agency Intelligence's online reputation management software, you get 3 ways to receive REAL reviews:

Phone Review Request
1. Messaged

Email or Text Requests

Add each new customer into the software in seconds. They receive a message asking for a review. Let our software do the rest!

Automated Review Management
2. Mechanized

Automated Requests

Make your business reviews 100% hands-off. Allow the Agency Intelligence team to deep-dive into your business apps, and hook them up to auto-trigger review acquisition. Let our software do the rest!

QR Code
3. Mobile QR Code

Requests You Can Scan

Give your customers a scannable QR code. Hand out a card, print it on a pizza box, whatever. They’ll scan the QR code—and let our software do the rest!

Take your customer through any of the 3, and watch their detailed feedback appear everywhere—across your business's profiles! Just like magic.

How many people walk in & buy from you every day? How many went & wrote their own reviews? Stand back, and let the 4-star and 5-star reviews roll in from your otherwise-shy clients.

Google Review

How do reviews help with SEO?

Reviews are a vital SEO strategy. They lay the groundwork for everything else to work: a great online image. Because nobody likes a company that looks shabby! At least, not enough to part with their money.

Our online reputation management software takes your customers step-by-step to write helpful reviews about their experience. They'll believe it was THEIR idea to write such a gushing online review.

With an abundance of informative testimonials, the way WE do it, you give Google the "secret sauce" to reward your business listing with search engine coverage, so you attract new buyers.

SEO coverage + ratings = new buyers.

A Great Reputation Enhances...
  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. PPC Advertising
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Mobile Marketing
  5. Social Media
  6. A Great Website
  7. Any Kind of Digital Marketing

How about negative reviews?

How about when someone is genuinely disappointed with your product or service? After all, poor reputations kill careers.

Whether it's a positive or negative review, it's a good look to respond to every single piece of feedback a customer leaves you. You'll get a Review Reply Dashboard, which notifies of you of new reviews promptly, and gives you a central area to swiftly and decisively make public replies to each review that comes in (rather than Google's difficult to access -- and clunky -- replies dashboard!)

This is one of the most benevolent reputation management strategies. When you respond, you demonstrate your professionalism to customers. Review replies also allow you to ask a naysayer to address their feedback in private, which could even turn a bad review into a good review, AND make a win-win for you & your customer.

We make review requests in compliance with Federal Trade Commission guidelines. Good or bad, we make sure all your customers are given an equal chance to voice their feedback. By actively hiding negative reviews on your profile (or re-routing/"gating" would-be negative ratings directly to private feedback), you risk the FTC fining you up to $43,280 per violation.

From Negative to Positive Review

Who is responsible for reputation management?


YOU! Yes, you. While this makes the online review management hands-off, the first step is YOURS. You have a choice:

a. Try to survive with 11 vague reviews, or none at all? Stay buried in the graveyard of decomposing Google Maps listings that no one visits?

b. Make that leap of faith? Propel your online presence to (and above) those who are stealing your business?

A custom review generation campaign lays a rock-solid foundation to do the following:

  • Combat fake reviews. Without overwhelming real feedback, you can't present proof to stand up against the nasties.
  • Substantiate your marketing. Facts tell, stories sell. Online reviews combine BOTH. Use them in your physical & digital marketing, so your audience knows you're for real.
  • Improve review score. As long as you're doing a good job, 4- and 5-star ratings from happy customers (and new converts from unhappy customers) are the most accurate showcase of your current reputation. What else is more informative?
  • Make more money. A virtual online reputation manager is a part of your marketing team. Make that return-on-investment matter.
  • Save reputation repair for later. Especially early, it does the job that a bigger PR campaign would cost a lot more to do.
  • Give you a tax-deductible expense! Online review management is a marketing expense--write it off and reclaim money. You can reinvest those tax refunds.

Have more time for yourself & your business. Don't waste it on tedious tasks: managing negative press during crises, or deleting fake "hit pieces" from competitors.

Your internet reputation management is in your hands. Getting reviews should come first before any other digital marketing solutions. It is the lifeblood of your business.

Raise the stakes, and set it in motion. Get the online reputation management campaign that serves your customers first.

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