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Cybersecurity for Small Business

Secure Your Livelihood with CyberGuard: The Ultimate Cybersecurity Solution

Does your small business hum with the heartbeat of technology? Is your peace of mind often disrupted by the phantom threats of cybercrime? Juggling the increasing demands of your growing business, do you ever pause to contemplate the fragility of your digital safety?

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In partnership with AIO Integrations, we're pleased to offer your small business complete cybersecurity protection.

Think about this - a staggering 82% of businesses targeted by ransomware are forced to close their doors within 3 months due to poor backups or stolen data. The gravity of these statistics is not lost on us. Even if your operation consists of a humble setup without the luxury of a full-time IT guru, you can't afford to turn a blind eye to cybersecurity.

The Hidden Threat

It's a ticking time bomb, ever ready to burst, causing havoc in your technology landscape. It's not just about the machines; it's about the human touchpoints where the most diligent antivirus software fail. And it’s not a matter of ‘if’ or ‘how’ – it’s a matter of WHEN. Your company's growth and reputation, your customers' trust - all could be leveled by a single cyber breach.

Imagine your thriving practice, like Dr. Smith's, thrown into chaos by an unseen cyberattack. One workstation compromised, one chair vacant, and a potential loss of $3,000-$4,000 a day. Picture an auto dealership with stalled payments due to a computer glitch. Or visualize a gas station, paralyzed without its digital backbone. Suddenly, the cyber threat isn't just a digital concept; it's a real menace gnawing at your livelihood.

Get Protected Now*
*5% Discount on CyberGuard Services

The Beacon of Safety

Introducing AIO CyberGuard - the all-in-one safeguard against cyber threats. AIO brings the peace of mind you crave with round-the-clock surveillance, AI-empowered threat detection, swift incident response, compliance management, and cybersecurity education. 

You can choose from a 'Done-for-You' package or a consultative approach, mirroring the support of a CTO without the hefty salary tag. Either way, we do what you need to achieve 100% technological reliability, no matter your location or operational scale.

For the ultimate layer of protection, consider our optional $1 million financial protection plan. It's your shield against unforeseen costs if a breach occurs while AIO’s system is on guard.

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a) Done-for-You

b) Consulting (CTO)

Your Invitation to Secure Peace

Are you ready to reclaim your peace of mind? Embark on your cybersecurity journey with AIO CyberGuard. Schedule a free consultation to assess your unique needs and explore how AIO can help. The security of your business and the safety of your clients' data is our utmost priority. Don't delay – reach out now or order below to start safeguarding your digital world.

Get 10% Off Month 1: Use code AIAIO923

Protection and Training ($9/mo per endpoint) is for you if you're already happy with your MSP. This simply adds Deep Instinct AI detection & response against viruses and ransomware (backed with human monitoring), along with exclusive employee training. AIO is the first and only company to offer enterprise-level Deep Instinct to micro-businesses.

Managed Services ($34.95/mo per endpoint) is our complete managed cybersecurity service. Consulting services are also included in this package.

Cloud backup & recovery available as an add-on.

In this digital era, cybersecurity is not a luxury - it's a lifeline. Neglect can lead to inevitable disaster. Be proactive, secure your operations with AIO CyberGuard. Let us be your trusted ally, fortifying your business against cyber threats. Because your growth should never be shadowed by fear. Secure your business's future with AIO, today.

Get Protected Now*
*5% Discount on CyberGuard Services
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