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You might have questions before diving head-first into a digital marketing campaign.

Here's what nearly every current client (and prospective client) asks most:
Who are your clients?
Our clients are medical professionals, legal professionals, general contractors, and more – local, and national, throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. To learn more about who they are, view our Case Studies/Testimonials and check out our Client Portfolio.
What is the average price for digital marketing?
We take on budgets of anywhere from $500/month to $50,000/month, depending on your business size, your available funds, competition, and how quickly you want to accomplish your goals. 

To find the budget that’s right for you, give us a buzz, tell us about yourself, and we’ll put together an analysis & proposal for you.
What are the KPIs for digital marketing?
IN GENERAL, your key performance indicators are:

1. Search queries, impressions and clickthroughs from organic search (measured on Google and Bing tools)
2. Attributing conversions and sales to your organic search traffic and fine tune them.
3. Are your target keywords getting you the RIGHT visitors?

In order to turn your website from a liability into an asset, these are the KPIs to pay attention to. Most of the other proprietary metrics don’t really indicate success.

To attribute conversions & sales to a specific traffic source, that varies from client to client. Everyone has a different sales process. We’ll work it out for you.
I've tried to learn digital marketing and SEO myself. What do I do?
There's a lot of conflicting information out there when you’re starting out doing digital marketing yourself. There are a lot of metrics that you probably even shouldn’t focus on if your success matters to you. Many of these myths and misconceptions are covered in Alexander Vee’s Guide to the Top 6 Marketing Mistakes

This guide is sourced 100% from our REAL experiences with clients and prospects, especially how big managed web platforms “teach” marketing and SEO. We come from $300,000+ invested into education, research, development and testing – which continues every day.

You’re invited to come into digital marketing campaigns with an open mind. If we sense you need to “empty your cup” of existing knowledge (think Bruce Lee), we urge you to do so.
Do you do pay-per-click ads?
We run ads for ourselves. When it comes to YOUR ads, you'll work with our partners trained in PPC only. Let us know and we’ll put you in touch with them.
How long does organic marketing/SEO take to work?
Depends on several factors:

1. Your campaign budget
2. Your website’s technical performance
3. Your web hosting (their server response time makes a yuuuge difference)
4. The size of your business
5. The competition you’re up against

For all clients, we start seeing sizable results in 2-4 weeks. You may even start seeing some positive results within the first week, because fixing technical website errors will move the needle.

To see the full potential of the campaign, we always recommend beginning with initial 3-month commitment.
Can you guarantee SEO results?
On every full marketing campaign, we guarantee a MINIMUM 10-15% per month growth in organic visibility and traffic. This covers search terms, impressions & clickthroughs you get on organic search. 

This means you double your traffic in 10 months or less. Many of our clients get there a lot faster. Some have 2Xed, even 3Xed their traffic in as little as 5-7 months!

Again, how fast you get there depends on:

1. Your campaign budget
2. Your website’s technical performance
3. Your web hosting (their server response time makes a yuuuge difference)
4 The size of your business
5. The competition you’re up against

Many marketing consultants don’t want to offer guarantees, as they haven’t tracked the consistency of what they deliver for their clients. Hence, they don’t have the confidence to hold themselves and their clients accountable.

I completely understand where they’re at. Every marketing consultant starts there. However, as we’ve run case studies and analyzed what works for our clients and ourselves, we’ve identified consistencies. Consistencies that stand the test of time – and many search algorithm updates. That’s why we have the gall to give you a guarantee.

Note: The guarantee only applies to full marketing campaigns. One-off projects don’t qualify, except as agreed upon.
What are the "ABCs of Digital Marketing?"
The “ABC’s of Digital Marketing” is a unique formula that our owner & founder, Alexander Vee, debuted in a 2019 speaking appearance at Nasdaq in Times Square, New York City.

A: Advertising

When you’re marketing yourself organically, it is a must not only to get to the top of one search query, but also to the top of as many search queries as possible. Think about it for a moment – how much more interest could you get when you widen your targeting, rather than increasing the height of just ONE search? 

And yet, you could still get pretty laser-focused on your target audience. When you increase your vertical visibility, and multiply it horizontally, that’s what gets big media sites, and online newspapers, all the attention. You get the same privilege here.

Search algorithms reward attention. When a viral YouTube video (Video 1) makes a shout-out to another video (Video 2), it piques everyone’s curiosity. They flock to Video 2.

When that happens enough, YouTube’s algorithm senses an inseparable bond between the 2 videos. 

Look at the “Recommended Videos” sidebar on Video 1. Guess what shows up at top… or at least somewhere?

Yep, Video 2.

Also, when you go to Video 2, chances are you’ll also see Video 1 pop up in the “Recommended” section.

A lot of this is a byproduct of getting promoted by authoritative sources & news sites. Their power will prove to the search engines that you’re a trusted authority.

B: Branding (and Managing Your Online Reputation)

Society is more heavily relying on digital businesses. You’ve got to look just as good online as you do offline – as well as what you do offline for your customers.

Nike occupies many pages of search results for themselves, without any coverage about any other company. That’s what happens when you grow an awesome brand reputation.

C: Content is the King… Content Marketing is the Queen.

This ties back into “A,” Advertising. When you distribute fresh & interesting content, it creates attention. Search algorithms reward attention by creating more attention. Attention begets attention.

Why? Your content educates your potential customers on who you are, what you do, and what makes it so great for them to be your clients. 

To get your content out to the masses, find a partner – like us.

You have the knowledge here. Let us take care of the work. I mean, you’d rather outgrow us than wait while your DIY marketing outgrows you, right?
Where are you (and your staff) located?
Agency Intelligence is headquartered in the Clear Lake area of Houston, Texas, nearby NASA’s Johnson Space Center. We also have satellite offices in New York and Toronto. 

All of our team members live and work in the United States, and so do most of our agency partners. We take pride that our work is made in the USA. 🇺🇸
When I’m your client, who do I talk to and report to?
There are no delegated “account managers” or some silly schtick like that. You report directly to me – Alexander Vee! Yes, directly to the guy who leads the work. There’s no one standing between you and me.

We love building intimate, long-term relationships with our clients. Nothing beats human warmth. Heck – while working with you, I even get to educate myself about your industry! It’s a win-win-win on all sides.
Of course, for some other questions, no answer is one-size-fits-all -- the advice you get may be unique to your situation. For more insight, contact us.
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