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Agency Intelligence Earnings Disclaimer

All testimonials and case studies here are from real clients and projects. As the FTC requires and for transparency, we must disclose that any results stated (financial or otherwise) are NOT typical. They are NOT a guarantee of same or similar results.

Any marketing campaign has inherent RISK, as online marketing platforms (i.e. Google Organic, Google Ads, Facebook, etc.) are dynamic and volatile, and can radically change their algorithms at any time. That said, we make fullest use of techniques as impervious as possible to any platform's algorithm updates.

Beyond that, your results are INDIVIDUAL. They WILL depend on industry, work ethic, experience, level of effort, financial situation, and market changes. They will ALSO depend on neurotype (i.e. neurotypical, ASD, ADHD, dyslexia, etc.) As a Neurodivergent-owned company we consider that learning differences DO affect outcomes.

With that said, enjoy our case studies!

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