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Case Study: WOW! International Client Surges in SEO Traffic Overnight After 3 Months

September 20, 2023

From 28 to 148 Monthly Clicks Almost Overnight.

FASTEST. SEO. WIN. EVER. At least one of 'em, especially in recent history.

Check out these graphs:

International SEO client showing rapid growth on SpyFu, September 19, 2023.
International SEO client showing rapid growth on Semrush, September 19, 2023.

It was 3 months, but then the clicks started surging like overnight. Like a star shooting in the sky.

On a small-budget performance-based campaign -- for a global company.

I couldn't believe it! 🤯

All with the same tools & techniques that already worked.

But can you guess what we've had the help of since December 2022 that we didn't have before? 🤔🤖

(Of course, that's not the only tool I use. And it NEEDS human touch, or else it sucks. It's combined with the hard, hand-made handiwork I already spend my blood, sweat & tears on. Necessary for SEO to reach full potential.)

Some of my best case studies waited up to 6 MONTHS --

Before they jumped for joy and shared the exciting news.

They did so patiently. 😮‍💨

(And yes, the effort was/is continuous)

✅ We launched THIS campaign in late May 2023

✅ Cranked it up to eleven in July 2023

And this is the result. On a 4-year-old site, that's NEVER seen any SEO before.

For a client that charges $3,000 - $5,000+ for their service.

Next step?

🌐 Install multiple languages

💵 Optimize conversion rate

Could I've done this 1 month earlier? Yes. Stuff gets in the way. But all things considered, I'm excited. I am through the roof.

If you only want the short-term wins, yes, those are awesome. I LOVE seeing them. Though I've got guarantees, and those aren't one of them.

Most of all -- you have to understand. When I bring the traffic, and if you don't get leads/customers (a common complaint in these early months):

Something's WRONG with your website. (And yes, strangers think *different* from referrals. They lack a certain element of trust.)

If you're not ready to face that truth, don't bother.

But IF:

✅ you're prepared for sacrifice

✅ you're prepared for 5-12 months BEFORE profit

✅ you're interested in REAL results

✅ you're interested in a REAL person doing your work

✅ you're interested in a REAL, passionate, FUN, ENTERTAINING business relationship

✅ you're ready for your beliefs to be challenged

✅ you see 6-12 MONTHS OUT

✅ you are AWARE of a problem in your business (or side hustle)

✅ you are AFTER a real solution for it

✅ you want SCIENCE and TESTING rather than your own fckng stupid bias or opinion

✅ you are AGAINST the deadly plague of Design-First Marketing 🤮

...I'm open to work with you!

Apply now.

Looking forward.

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