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87% of consumers used Google to find & evaluate local businesses in 2022 -- up from 81% in 2021. (BrightLocal)
A majority 42% of local searchers click on a Google Maps result -- inside the Google Maps "3-pack". (Backlinko)
More than 5 million unique Google queries end in "Near Me". More than 800 million searches every month contain "Near Me" or the likes. (Semrush)
Customers are 70% more likely to visit and 50% more likely to consider buying from you if they find your Google Maps and it's complete. (Google)
85% of small business owners do not have the online visibility they think they have.

On local searches, Google only displays the top 3 Google Maps results. This space is known as the "3-Pack." Customers click on these results to call you or contact you.

This means, if you're not in these results, you ARE losing business to your competitors!

Are YOU in the 3-pack in your area? Get this video (and screenshot) report to see a map of your visibility on Google Maps.

  • Where it's green, you're in the hot-spot 3-pack, and customers can see you.
  • Where it's yellow, orange or red, you're not.
  • You'll also get recommendations on tweaks & tune-ups to fix the yellow, orange & red spots -- or let us do it for you!
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