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Tag: Search Engine Indexing

Search engine indexing concerns anything and everything about how search engines like Google and Bing collect, store & display your website in search results.

Think of search engine indexing like a file on your computer. If you don't see a file in a folder, it's not indexed in that folder. Therefore, if your site isn't "indexed" in Google or Bing search results, no one will find it in search.

Search engine indexing is becoming challenging as the years go by. Google thins out its budget every year. They shrink the size, capacity and "patience" of its index, and it's a battle for new & small sites to get in. A battle that seems difficult or even impossible.

But can you achieve the impossible?

From nearly a decade experience, thousands of tests and real search engine optimization experience, read Agency Intelligence's insights and testing processes on arguably the most important aspect of SEO.

November 4, 2023
Mobile-First Indexing SEO 2023: Google Has Bad 'Noose' for Ugly Old Desktop-Only Sites

After almost exactly seven (7!) years in the making, on October 31, 2023 Google declared Mobile-First Indexing complete. Webmasters are left scratching their heads over the news. "Mobile-first indexing SEO!? What mobile-first!?" What now? What does this mean for the staunch defenders of desktop-only websites? Those relics of the web, treasure troves of simplicity and […]

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